The thunderstorm days - to UP the protection of the power supply work

by:KEBO      2020-04-22
1, for the communication interface of UPS power supply, signal or to prevent thunder waves from the signal or telecommunication lines, introducing interface must be in the signal or telecommunication lines equipped with corresponding signal surge arrester. Room wiring requirements can't along the outer wall installation, in order to prevent the strong wall reinforced moments when lightning conduction lightning current, magnetic field induction machine room inside line, smashed the equipment. 2, after the room air switch power distribution ark, install the appropriate capacity of parallel low-voltage power supply arrester, or in the special UPS power supply panel, install the appropriate capacity tandem type low voltage power supply arrester, constitute the second attenuation. 3, in the power house into the power line parallel power dedicated high-energy arrester installed on main switchboard, constitute the first level attenuation. 4, the thunderstorm day there is a problem is the rain, can't fill first UPS power supplies and equipment, if the water to do, to my own boss office side wall. After waiting for sunny must timely ventilation and dehumidification, conditional can be maintained, prolong the service life of UPS power supplies and equipment. Because the UPS power source is installed in the front of the important equipment, so when lightning hit to the low voltage power line or lightning is induced on the cable, power cord of overcurrent overvoltage through the distribution system, the first impact UPS power supply, UPS power general single-phase voltage limit in 160 ~ 260 v, three-phase between 320 v and 460 v. To prevent instantaneous 10 to 20 kv lightning overvoltage of shock wave amplitude is impossible, so when the lightning strikes, UPS power supply the first hit from the lightning current. So the thunderstorm days of UPS power supply protection measures is very necessary, lightning protection work must be done well.
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