The three advantages of modular UPS power -

by:KEBO      2020-04-16
The three advantages of modular UPS power modular UPS is considered to be the trend of the development of the technology, compared with the traditional sense of the UPS, modular UPS has three advantages. First, & other; Modular redundant parallel & throughout; Technology to avoid the waste of resources. In the construction of industry users the information network of power supply system, often for high-end UPS capacity of errors, or too low or too high, expects the result may lead to high cost of purchasing, unable to meet the needs of the load or wastes, space and energy resources, and so on and so forth. Modular UPS by extensible modular structure effectively solved this problem, it can help the user in the future development under the condition of not clear phased construction and investment. Second, high security, easy maintenance hotplug technology break through the bottleneck. Traditional high-end UPS during routine maintenance, equipment maintenance, all need to turn the bypass, and load in this case is not protected by UPS. Therefore, if the failure, such as power supply, overload will cause serious loss, and the maintenance process is relatively complicated, against aging. Modular UPS system adopted in hot plug module technology allows monomer on the premise of without power arbitrarily enter or exit the parallel unit, so as to realize the on-line maintenance of the parallel system, at the same time without special equipment or technology. Third, the power phase system technology to reduce the procurement and management costs. Traditional high-end UPS power input and output phase is fixed, so the user in the construction of power supply system, often regard for different phase and capacity and increase the number of UPS. Under the module UPS system, more than you can use the power phase system technology to change the past single constraints caused by the user without having to consider how to purchase different phase or the capacity of UPS products to meet the needs of the system.
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