The structure characteristics of communication base station outdoor cabinet -

by:KEBO      2020-04-26
Communication base station outdoor cabinet for communication base station outdoor working environment and safety management of a whole set of perfect solutions, integrated the main power supply, ac/dc power distribution equipment, system, environment monitoring, storage battery and lightningproof grounding device; At the same time also can be used as function ark main use ( Power supply, storage battery cabinet, cabinet, etc. ) to transfer data To help operators achieve site selection, energy conservation, environmental protection, rapid deployment, smooth evolution. Communication base station outdoor cabinet can be equipped with, according to the specific requirements of the user to split into single tank, double ark, three models, such as its structure characteristics: 1, strictly abide by the iP protection grade, can effectively prevent water and dust entering; 2, appearance specifications can be made according to user requirements, high quality manufacture precision machining, surface pickling phosphating, outdoor pensu processing, solid rugged, resistant to acid and alkali corrosion resistance; 4, the door sealing strip using foaming jointless strip, has excellent sealing performance; 5, dark hinged connection, tail gate opening angles of 120 & deg; ; 6, the casing installation plate depth can be adjusted; 7, protection grade: IP658, casing, tail gate with M8 grounding device column; Widgets to use hot dip galvanized sheet can ensure that will not rust. Communication base station outdoor cabinet is spacing for outdoor communication base station computer room, who meet the requirements of cabinet size, power consumption equipment can be installed at the same time have a wealth of temperature control plan; To provide with different module precision air conditioning, heat pipe heat exchanger, the temperature control in different ways, such as direct wind better realize energy conservation and environmental protection.
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