The solution - machine room monitoring data center

by:KEBO      2020-05-14
Traditional data center network architecture includes four parts, namely the core layer, convergence layer and access layer and operating management. Core layer generally adopts double machine redundant routing equipment, external E - operation BGP or static routing protocols, internal operation IGP protocol ( Like OSPF) ; Convergence layer adopts double machine redundant Yu Desan layer switch; Access layer and layer 2/3 switches will be used on operation management. Data center it is necessary to monitor the network system. 1, server test server CPU usage, memory, hard disk, the network state parameters, such as 2, the router port status, traffic and connection state, WAN traffic detection switch port, run time 3, switches, connection status, network traffic, running state parameters, such as 2, data center solution of dynamic environment monitoring data center power system will affect the network equipment and the operating environment, more eager to get security, need power environmental monitoring. 1, dynamic monitoring of three phase power meter: mains voltage, current, frequency, power, power factor, power distribution switch monitor: power distribution switch state UPS monitoring: input, output voltage and current components running state battery monitoring: battery internal resistance, voltage, temperature, bulge, charge and discharge current, temperature and humidity monitoring: the environment temperature, humidity, water leakage detection, computer room is leaking monitoring precision air conditioning, running state and parameters, remote switch machine common air conditioning monitoring: running state, including return air temperature, supply air temperature, air conditioning mode, switch machine status since the launch of the new fan, calls for monitoring: switch machine running status and realize the switch machine stop and control
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