The significance of building up the intelligent power distribution -

by:KEBO      2020-04-24
The current power system has become increasingly unable to meet the social growing demand of electric energy and power supply reliability of the problem, have a self-healing, clean, economic advantages of smart grid has become an important trend in the development of power grid in the future. As the construction and development of smart grid in our country, the traditional distribution network intelligent power distribution network in basic rely on artificial management, one-way operation mode of the power supply and the supplier, to highly automated, two-way flow trend, user participation pattern, in the process of transformation, the economic benefit is immeasurable, mainly includes the following three points. 1. To implement the new energy revolution, to promote the sustainable development of the grid resources in our country, obtained good economic benefit and environmental benefit. Traditional way of the operation of the power distribution network management, protection and control mode, planning and design mode, do not take into the smart grid access; In order not to affect the normal operation of the intelligent distribution network, the existing operation guideline or standard, for access to the smart grid and capacity, and branch are made more strict control, thus to some extent, restricted the promotion and application of the distributed generation. Smart grid has good adaptability, it is on the basis of access to a large number of DER, can reduce the interconnection cost, so as to promote the development of renewable energy power generation technology; The application of new energy, can greatly reduce carbon emissions and the proportion of the use of fossil fuels, both to achieve the goal of energy conservation and environmental protection, can also change the way of promoting electric power production, reform the current energy structure. 2. Modern society's development and progress, to provide quality and reliable electricity. Smart grid in the provision of reliable power protection at the same time, also can provide specialized users, to provide the power demand of production development need. Smart grid can be overcome before the failure of the power supply system of brake, reclosing caused by power supply interruption phenomenon in the process of operation, and can effectively eliminate voltage imbalance, harmonic, voltage drop, the effects of to modern society, the operation of a variety of high-tech and economy, the development of the society, guarantee to provide quality, reliable electricity. 3. Use of smart grid, the grid can be achieved optimization operation, thus promoting the efficiency of the economy. Smart grid technology, using advanced monitoring technology, the operation situation of grid equipment, the implementation of real-time monitoring, which can reduce the capacity of power grid operation system load ratio, improve the operation of the power grid load rate, enables the system to get more fully utilized, reduce - The equipment of power grid investment, to achieve the maximization of social benefits and economic benefits.
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