The set method, precision air conditioning

by:KEBO      2020-04-30
Rooms dedicated air-conditioning, air-conditioning refrigeration, heating and dehumidification, humidification four big functions. Four big functions perfect unifies in together, coupled with the intelligent controller, it can automatically switch machine, completely automated, can satisfy the requirement of the constant temperature and humidity room environment. Room air conditioners used the high accuracy of measurement and control technology of international, humidity measurement and control the range of 50% to 70% RH, temperature measurement and control in the range of 12 to 30 degrees Celsius. Installed in the computer room air conditioning air volume is very big, the equipment is heat transfer by conduction, radiation in the machine room, equipment heat concentrated intensive area, in order to make uniform in each area of the room temperature and humidity, and control within the scope allowed base and volatility, you need to have bigger air volume will be more than the heat away. Computer room air conditioning unit to accept 1, equipment when unpacking the case to see whether standard, type, and with the spare parts are in conformity with the contract of the packing list; 2 outdoor units, air-cooled type air conditioning indoor machine, the factory has a 0. 2MPa~0. 5 mpa nitrogen, equipment when unpacking the case, should first check the system with and without leakage, if discovery is unusual, please timely tell manufacturers; Unit 3, acceptance, please see if unit appearance intact; If there are any damage, please promptly tell the carrier in writing and documented; 4, check the user terminal panel, it is necessary to determine its without any damage; If there are any damage, please promptly tell the carrier in writing and records, and once the device handle in time. Like to see no two words, and then sign for it. For large span room, computer room air conditioning to wind system has also should have with floor board air supply duct or condole top return air, not only has good uniformity of the temperature field and velocity field, also good energy saving effect. In addition to some relatively high density cabinet may have 20 kw or some 25 kilowatts so can take some cold source of air supply way directly. Another also can use some special device, installed on the let it blow. During the spring and autumn winter or parts of, outdoor air temperature is low, the engine room of indoor air temperature is high, still need to be cooling. Without walls, especially outside the window in the room, it is due to the equipment in the engine room of heat release is not way to send out to outdoor, indoor still needs to be cooling. Because the cooling load is small, cold mechanism cold coefficient is low, the energy consumption is large, if open an unreasonable cooler cooling. Nature is actually a good cold source, not only do not need to obtain energy consumption, and supply adequate, belongs to the green cold source. Natural cooling means not to use cooling equipment or air compressor cooling technology. Available amount of natural cooling depends on the local climate and natural cooling range is about 100 hours a year to more than 8000 hours. Two of the most common natural cooling way is groundwater or surface water cooling and outdoor air cooling.
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