The role of intelligent integrated racks in the data center room -

by:KEBO      2020-05-16
1, to enhance the overall aesthetic of the machine based on standard 19-inch equipment installation width, multiple manufacturers has carried on the innovation to cabinet appearance, and considering the cabinet in a single place and more than one place of the appearance of the environment effect. 2, for the cabinet of the intelligent management function in the light of the running environment of cabinet of data center room and requiring higher security, with integrated intelligent cabinet is needed to meet the requirements of relevant. The main intelligent embodied in the diversification of monitoring capability: ( 1) Temperature and humidity monitoring function integration of intelligent temperature and humidity detection devices are installed cabinet inside, can intelligent monitoring regulated power supply system of the internal environment temperature and humidity, and will monitor the temperature and humidity in the value of real-time display monitor touch screen. ( 2) Smoke detection through the integration of intelligent cabinet internal installation of smoke detectors, intelligent cabinet system for fire detecting state, when the smart cabinet system internal abnormal situation, can be displayed on the display related state of alarm. ( 3) Smart cooling function the user can need according to the equipment contained in the runtime environment temperature for the stabilized voltage supply system set up a set of temperature range, when the temperature is beyond the scope of regulated power supply system, the work will automatically start the cooling unit. ( 4) Integration of the system state detection intelligent rack system itself with its working status and data information collection and alarm LED lights display, and can intuitive displayed on the LCD touch screen, the interface is beautiful, generous, clear. ( 5) Intelligent device access function integrated intelligent rack system with the intelligent equipment including smart electricity meter or UPS uninterruptible power supply access, through the RS485 / RS232 communication interface, communication agreement read the corresponding data parameters, and real-time display on the screen.
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