The real smart devices should have what function - UPS

by:KEBO      2020-05-01
Uninterruptible power supply ( UPS) Is the most important power supply security data center. When the mains failure affect the server room power supply, UPS power supply to provide emergency power supply in time, until the standby generator work began to provide continuous power. UPS power supply to ensure the safety of the user IT equipment will be able to shut down, can make its devastating disaster risk of data loss to a minimum. As a result, UPS should have the following features: 1, UPS has the standard communication interface such as RS232 or RS485/422; 2, provide can do support the most popular operating system, network management software, applications, and the standard UPS software and accessories; 3, self-check function: UPS and its software, accessories can provide regular self-checking function, in order to nip in the bud; 4, UPS remote diagnosis and maintenance functions: remote check the status of UPS, query the warning information of UPS, do cell calibration test, etc. To check the information such as the UPS working status and so; 5, automatic shutdown function: when UPS fails or energy will run out of battery, UPS perform customized in mishan protection function; 6, automatic alarm function: UPS system failure, through methods such as E-mail, pager, pop-up information real-time notification system administrator. For simple power protection system, need to have sound and light alarm. For larger, more complex data center in the system, adopted by modern UPS intelligent monitoring system involves more complicated communication function. The intelligent monitoring system can transform UPS power into real smart devices, not only can find out the potential problems, also can undertake continuous strategic analysis, preventive maintenance, and the ability of remote monitoring equipment. All these measures and action will produce a great positive influence, and help the users of UPS system running under the best performance and efficiency levels.
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