The principle and application of computer room air conditioning temperature sensor -

by:KEBO      2020-05-13
A, sensor principle of temperature sensor is mainly used in the computer room air conditioning with negative temperature coefficient thermistor ( Also known as the NTC thermistor) 。 At low temperature, these oxide material carrier ( Electrons and holes) Number less, so the resistance value is higher; With the increase of temperature, carrier number increase, so the resistance reduced. When the temperature changes, it also changes the resistance of the resistance. Smaller temperature increase its value, and the temperature decrease the set of values. Second, the application of temperature sensor computer room air conditioning sensor with copper head, rubber head two kinds of style, main use copper head sensor for measuring temperature line, and rubber head sensor is mainly used for measuring the temperature of the air. Temperature sensor application is as follows: 1, the compressor at the bottom of the temperature sensor is mainly used to test temperature at the bottom of the compressor, the compressor at the bottom of the low temperature may be because the refrigerant liquid, temperature is too high may be due to insufficient refrigerant, so at the bottom of the compressor need to have a sensor for testing control. 2, exhaust temperature sensor installed on the compressor, the vent to detect compressor exhaust temperature, so that to control and protection system. 3, back to the temperature sensor test to temperature of compressor, promise to return to the refrigerant compressor is superheated steam, prevent compressor back into the liquid. 4, heat/temperature sensor used in outdoor and indoor machine condenser evaporator, respectively. Condenser on generally has two, respectively in the import and export. Evaporator generally has three, respectively is import, central, and exports. Role is largely by testing the thermal/import and export temperature difference, degree of superheat control, so as to control the electronic expansion valve opening. 5 indoor and outdoor environment temperature, environment temperature sensor detection, indoor environment temperature sensor main control of the indoor machine stop, when the temperature reaches set temperature, the indoor machine shutdown. The main detection of outdoor environment temperature, environment temperature sensor outdoor for control and protection unit.
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