The performance parameters of lead-acid battery - room

by:KEBO      2020-05-14
With the rapid development of industry data center computer room construction, data center computer room equipment bearing pressure gradually expand, computer room in the lead-acid storage battery is also called valve-control sealed lead-acid battery, high frequency switching power supply, uninterruptible power supply ( UPS) Then a sharp increase in the number of power equipment such as making the battery has been widely applied, the following steps in the data center room lead-acid battery performance parameters. Lead-acid battery's performance measure with the following parameters: 1, the capacity of the battery capacity refers to the number of battery storage capacity, expressed as a symbol of C. Customary units for ampere hour, hereinafter referred to as Ann ( Ah) Or mah ( mAh) , the capacity of the battery can be divided into nominal capacity ( Nominal capacity) , the actual capacity. ( 1) The actual capacity refers to the actual capacity battery output power under certain conditions can. It is equal to the product of the discharge current and discharge time, the unit is Ah. ( 2) Rated capacity of the rated capacity of the battery is at 25 ℃ ambient temperature, the rate of discharge current 10 hour, should let out the minimum power ( Ah) Discharge rate is for battery discharge current size, divided into the time ratio and current ratio, discharge end voltage. Lead battery at a certain discharge rate at 25 ℃ ambient temperature to devolve power to recharged again to use the lowest voltage referred to as the end of the discharge voltage, rated capacity, fixed lead-acid battery regulation under 25 ℃ environment, 10 hours rate discharge current to voltage can reach the end of the rated capacity. 10 hours rate expressed in C10 rated capacity. 2, storage battery performance during the period of storage, because the battery within impurities, such as the positively charged metal ions, these impurities with micro battery cathode active material composition, the cathode metal dissolution and precipitation of hydrogen. And as in the solution and the positive plate gate dissolved impurities, if the standard electrode potential between the positive and negative standard electrode potential, will be the anode oxidation, anode reduction will be again. So the presence of harmful impurities, make the positive and negative active material is consumed, and cause loss of battery capacity, this phenomenon is called self-discharge. Battery self-discharge rate in unit time reduce the percentage of capacity, said: with battery storage before ( C10的 ) ( C10” ) Storage time and capacity difference T ( Day, month) The capacity of the expressed as percentage. 3, cycle life experience a battery charging and discharging, called a loop ( A cycle) 。 Under certain discharge conditions, e. before work to a certain capacity of batteries, battery can withstand cycles, known as the cycle life, all kinds of storage battery with cycle number is different, the traditional fixed type lead-acid battery of about 500 ~ 600 times, start type lead-acid battery of about 300 ~ 500 times. Valve control type sealed lead acid battery cycle life of 1000 ~ 1200 times. Factors affecting cycle life is a manufacturer of product performance, 2 it is to maintain the quality of the work, fixed type lead battery with life, you can also use floating life ( Years) Measure, valve control type sealed lead acid battery floating life in more than 10 years, for a start type lead-acid battery, according to the national standards of mechanical and electronic enterprise, use of charging endurance ability and unit number to represent life cycle durable ability, and do not use life cycles. The charging unit number should be above 4, cyclic endurance capacity unit number should be in 3 or more. 4, high internal battery internal resistance including the ohmic resistance and the polarization resistance, polarization resistance and electrochemical polarization and concentration polarization. The existence of internal resistance, the voltage of the battery discharge of below battery electromotive force and the open circuit voltage, voltage of the charging higher electromotive force and the open circuit voltage. Battery internal resistance is not constant, changing with time in the process of charging and discharging, because the composition of active material, electrolyte concentration and temperature is in constant change, ohm resistance obey ohm's law, the polarization resistance increases with increasing current density, linear relationship, but not always increase with the increase of current density of logarithmic and linear. 5, battery electromotive force, open circuit voltage and working voltage, when the battery in the external conductor is the positive and negative to spontaneous electrochemical reaction, if the battery electricity and chemical energy conversion in the balance, the balance of the positive electrode potential and the cathode equilibrium electrode potential difference, is the battery electromotive force, it is equal to achieve stability in the numerical values of open circuit voltage. Electromotive force and unit power, the product of said unit power can be one of the biggest electrical work, but the battery of electric heat and the meaning of open circuit voltage is different: electromotive force can be based on the reaction in the battery using the thermodynamic calculation or by measuring calculation, with clear physical meaning. The latter to electromotive force in the digital, only depending on the degree of reversible battery, voltage of the battery in open circuit state is called the open circuit voltage. Battery open circuit voltage equal to the positive electrode potential and negative electrode potential, the difference between the batteries work refers to the current through the battery voltage ( CCTV) The terminal voltage. The working voltage of the battery discharge initial called initial voltage, battery after connected to the load, as a result of the existence of ohm resistance and polarization potential, the working voltage is lower than the open circuit voltage of the battery.
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