The performance of the rack mount UPS power advantages

by:KEBO      2020-05-10
1, unique frame structure width is standard 19 inch rack type, height is only 1 u, belongs to the industry minimum, concise appearance, convenient installation, high reliability, high efficiency and energy saving, efficiency is as high as 90% above in battery mode, the utility model efficiency more than 98%; Especially suitable for computer class load, including servers, routers, hubs, switches, 3, comprehensive management solution can provide based on all kinds of communication methods ( A serial port, LAN, Internet, network connection) Power management solutions, the use of advanced digital control technology, ac/dc dual output, the dc current limiting, peak surge absorption, comprehensive automatic protection, unattended, intelligent remote monitoring and other functions into one. 4, the fine quality of power supply pure sine wave output, to ensure that the sensitive load compatibility, wide input voltage range, avoid frequent switch to the battery 5 have self-diagnosis function, friendly man-machine interface, a combined with LED designator light and voice alarm, easy access to state information, intelligent diagnosis and battery charge and discharge management, real-time display battery capacity and the backup time, without professional personnel, users can be online hot replacement batteries, safe and easy. 6, intelligent communication interface standard RS232 communication interface, can dc remote online debugging and monitor the operation of the power supply system, simplify network management, and improve the reliability of the system. As all electric power automation equipment, distant execution system, industrial system of high voltage circuit breaker closing, relay protection and automatic device, signal device such as uninterruptible power supply equipment, effectively guarantee the reliability of industrial automation power supply. USES the industry's most mature phase controlled rectifier technology, with superior performance of power devices and inverter module, the power of the intelligent multi-mode battery management technology and rich management software, strengthening the combination of cabinet structure, provide high performance, high reliability and load sine wave uninterruptible power supply, with good cost performance and user base.
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