The performance of the battery and advantage have? - - - - - -

by:KEBO      2020-04-28
1, small self-discharge, no good maintainability, is advantageous for the long time to save the internal resistance is only one over ten of the lead-acid battery, its a very small self-discharge, no memory effect, stored at room temperature for a year, capacity can still keep 90% of the nominal capacity. 2, good safety performance will not appear in the process of electric storage battery boil, of course, there would be no electrolyte leakage occurs. Second, the seismic performance is wonderful, won't appear in the process of charging electric current volatility, at the same time when discharge smoothly, can continue stable and efficient power supply. Part 3, environmental protection with high polymerization silicone gel electrolyte instead of sulfuric acid, have been solved in the process of the production and use of acid mist overflows and interface corrosion etc. The problem of environmental pollution, and scrap polymerization silicon battery electrolyte can also make fertilizer, no pollution, easy to handle, battery grid can be recycled. 4, good electrical conductivity is the most important role is to provide power supply, electric conduction, so in guarantee under the premise of safety, the electrical conductivity is a very important indicator, UPS power battery adopts the material of conductive performance is better, so the whole conductivity are better to use.
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