The performance characteristics of small and medium-sized power UPS power -

by:KEBO      2020-04-19
1. A minimalist design, easy to operation and management: small and medium-sized power UPS power supply design contracted, built-in input, output, and the bypass circuit breaker, and emergency shutdown function, no additional configuration is setup. 2. Users can remote monitoring through the clouds, in different parts of the data center to conduct a comprehensive management, to ensure the perfect balance of high availability and highest efficiency. In addition, the small and medium-sized power UPS and beautiful appearance design would be a perfect match with the modern computer room. 3. UPS adopt integration redundancy design, support on-demand, the choose and buy up to four in parallel UPS. 4. UPS can also provide customized battery solutions, not only support redundant UPS share the same battery pack, can also support third-party batteries, greatly reduce the cost of the battery. 5. In double conversion mode, the energy efficiency up to 96%; In ECO mode, energy efficiency up to 99%. Small and medium-sized power UPS system USES DSP design, double transform topology, the input harmonics suppressor, silicon controlled rectifier, inverter, IGBT power module for SPWM pulse width modulation technology, output isolation transformer, stabilized voltage stabilizer for load, without interference, low distortion degree of pure sine wave power supply, the machine efficiency, strong load capacity, good compatibility features, satisfy all walks of life to uninterrupted power supply of high reliability, high stability, high quality, high efficiency requirements.
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