The performance characteristics of modular UPS -

by:KEBO      2020-04-16
1. Has a variety of work UPS system module has a variety of formats to choose from, easy to operate, can realize the outlet and inlet line of a variety of ways: 1/1, 1/3, 3/1 or 3/3, input frequency is 50 hz can also set the output frequency of 60 hz, the output voltage can be set to 220 v, 230 v, 240 v. If we configure input and output transformer can meet the global demand within the scope of all countries and regions. 2. Small volume, big work efficiency high power densities, higher power density, is the biggest characteristic. Can provide 5 kva ( 4000 w) ,10 kva ( 8000 w) ,15KVA( 12千瓦) And about 20 kva ( 16千瓦) The power output. 3. Environmental protection total harmonic distortion (UPS THDI) 3%, less than 2% of their total harmonic distortion under linear load, the power grid harmonic interference to a minimum, effectively reduce the network load and power loss. Excellent input parameters and to show the mains grid pure resistance characteristic, is the ideal environmental protection high efficiency UPS. 4. Efficient energy saving, the state advocates environmental protection and energy saving, green energy-saving modular UPS, much attention has been paid to the input power factor reaches 0. More than 999. Reduce the line loss, improve the utilization rate of power supply. The inverter efficiency can reach more than 98%, so as to improve the working efficiency, reduce the loss, saves the electricity. 5. Scalability, ease of installation, maintenance, replacement, upgrade the aircraft is composed of modules, which can realize hot swap function, and each module rack can be completely separated, is advantageous for the user after the expansion or reduction of capacity, easy to use, it can realize on-line replacement, on-line maintenance, reduce the difficulty of maintenance, reduce the maintenance time. And each module dimensions are in accordance with the standard 19 inch structure design, so the appearance is consistent with the standard rack, beautify the appearance, the machine and the module with standard rack. 6. Redundancy, distributed parallel logic control module between the parallel control distributed logic control mode is adopted, not from the points of machine and host, set aside or insert any one module will not affect the normal work of the other modules, on-demand constitute the N + 1, N + X redundancy system, reduce the risk of the system itself and the load coefficient, is protected by UPS load time and improved. Both increase the reliability of the machine work, and simplifies the user maintenance is difficult.
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