The performance and parameters - computer room precision air conditioning

by:KEBO      2020-05-11
Refrigerating capacity refrigerating capacity for air conditioner refrigeration unit time when removing heat from confined Spaces or area. Refrigeration ( Heating) Amount of units with KW, the following introduction to each of these three kinds of refrigeration units. KW is the power and heat flow standard unit quantities. KW said in the air conditioner unit time how many input or output machine energy. Refrigerating capacity KW shows the output of the air conditioner energy, do not use the same symbols and confused air conditioning unit input electrical power. BTU is British thermal unit, also is the international system of units, will be gradually abolished need not, now some of import and joint venture product users, have a plenty of mark RIIJ and W value at the same time. 86 kcal = 3. 41 b 'ILT lkcal = 1. 163 w = 3. 97 btu, 1 btu = 0. 252千卡= 0. 293 w。 For example, Hitachi BAS— 5143CI- 我/ RAC— 5143CHV( / the house) Fission household air conditioning refrigerating capacity is 3550 w, expressed in the other two units of 3053 keal, 12105 btu respectively. In addition to the above three kinds of refrigerating capacity unit, actually also often see 'lgl” ( HP) This unit. So what's the meaning of horse? It should be said that this was a standard, commonly known as the unit used for a long time have been swept away unused non-statutory measurement units, by & other; Horsepower & throughout; 499 w ( Watts) , but this is the power and the conversion relation of legal power units W, if used in air conditioner, for both the power rating and the refrigerating ( Hot) Quantity is wrong, there is no accurate conversion relation, the air conditioner & other Horse & throughout; Is actually a relatively simple fuzzy call unit, the original meaning should be rated power on behalf of the central air conditioning, but when the choose and buy of refrigerating capacity than the rated power, so the number of 'lgi actually corresponds to the capacity is more clear and practical. The rated power ( Consumed power, input power) Air conditioner cooling or heating when the consumption of electric power, the unit for W. Should be paid attention to, the general air conditioner refrigeration at rated power and heating is not the same. Eer ( Coefficient of performance) Can effect comparing all = refrigerating capacity ( W) / rated power ( W) 。 Can effect comparing is an important measure of energy consumption of air conditioner performance, although many are not singled out the product performance table parameter, but as long as the use count can be immediately clear, can effect comparing is higher, the air conditioner energy-saving performance is better. Our targets ( Tentative) Can effect comparing tile of energy-saving air conditioner; 2:3 and cold heavier than ~ & gt; 55 w /公斤。 What is it? It refers to the ratio of the refrigerating capacity of the air conditioner and air conditioner turnning. Circulating air ( ) air circulation Under the condition of central air conditioning in the damper fully closed, within unit time confined Spaces into the air, commonly used units for the m3 / h ( M3 / h) 。 Noise value under certain conditions, in accordance with the provisions, method of air conditioner indoor and outdoor units ( Or the indoor and outdoor side of the window machine) The work of a noise decibel value, the unit for the dB ( Db (a) 。 General window machine noise value: & lt; 54/60dB( Indoor/outdoor) , the fission of wall-mounted air-conditioner noise value & lt; 44/54dB( / the house) Also lower, silent type. The noise of the visible fission wall-mounted air-conditioner is much lower than the window machine ( Indoor) And the adaptive noise should consider split type air conditioning unit of choose and buy as far as possible.
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