The meaning of precision air conditioning use UPS power load -

by:KEBO      2020-04-29
With high density IT cabinets are widely used in the data center machine room, to ensure continuous operation of data center operations, continuous cooling demand is becoming more and more urgent, for refrigeration and strengthen protection widely appreciated by the users, and as a key business security equipment of UPS is becoming more and more attention. In order to solve the problem of the distribution of air conditioning, more common solution is to use diesel generator to power supply security of IT equipment and air conditioning, however, the diesel engine starting also needs a certain amount of time, according to the requirements of the front data, in the current density in data center, oil machine must start within 4 min, this is clearly a risk. People naturally consider adopting UPS power supply to power a precision air conditioning, to ensure that the mains electricity or diesel generator can't the normal starting can still meet the demand of continuous cooling. Distribution with UPS power supply, and can guarantee the data center room achieve sustained refrigeration business requirements: (1) in equipped with diesel generators for electricity scenarios, can prevent the diesel generator can't the normal starting can still guarantee precision air conditioning refrigeration, prevent the equipment thermal downtime cause business interruption; (2) for the site space and other conditions cannot be equipped with diesel generator, the UPS power distribution to the precision air conditioning unit can guarantee to achieve continuous refrigeration requirements. Due to belong to the perceptual load, precision air conditioning industry according to conventional wisdom, start at the time of the start impact current is very big, therefore, in the UPS power supply for the precision air conditioning power supply scheme, how to choose the right UPS capacity becomes the key to the problem. The main basis of configuration 1, computer room of the total calorific value ( Building structure heat + equipment total calories) 2, 3 room area, the structure of the machine itself 4, local climatic conditions
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