The integration of the cabinet overview of cooling channel and thermal channel -

by:KEBO      2020-04-24
Integration of cabinet is controlled by computer room air to save energy consumption of refrigeration and enhance server running reliability. Huge data centres of power consumption, in order to rise to energy conservation and environmental protection, data center standard advice data center using hot and cold channel way to heat dissipation. Actual use in order to guarantee the use efficiency of cold air, cold wind channel closed up, form a cold pool, cold pool on both sides of the mount sliding door, convenient for personnel to enter, the top is a transparent type, facilitate cold rooms inside the light into the pool, the integration of the top of the rack system is usually activity type, and fire control system linkage, once appear, fire alarm, fall off automatically at the top of the window, so that to cold heat and smoke exhaust channel system, but also provide room for gas extinguishing. Overview of cooling channel and thermal channel integration cabinet with hot channel cooling channel is data center server racks and other computing equipment layout design. Thermal channel cold airflow structure through management to save energy and reduce cooling costs. Data center hot channel cooling channel design is in the ordering of the cross line of server racks, let the import the side of the cold air, the export of the hot air towards the other side. The frame of the front line called cold channel. Usually, cold channel output pipe for air conditioning. Hot air output of the line is called thermal channel. Usually, heat channel of the ducts for air conditioning. A closed system can be used to isolate the channel and cold heat, prevent the hot air and cold air mixture. A closed system, like a physical barrier, plastic or organic glass with ethylene separate thermal channels with the cold. At present, and other business choice between manufacturers provide ventilation, the closed system with variable fan drive together, in order to prevent the cold air and hot air. Integrated thermal channel channel closed cabinet has a lot of practice, including set up automatic, deployment, has 600 cubic feet per minute ( CFM) Output of the rack, exhaust pipe of the equipment will be side and on the top position in its position in the data center and so on feasibility, but out of respect in the perspective of the customer, choose the best way to reflect the integration of the cabinet high availability.
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