- the importance of UPS power supply system to the data center

by:KEBO      2020-04-19
UPS testing and maintaining regular inspection and maintenance is the most effective way to reduce accidents, reduce the accident is the important link for room battery, UPS power supply, rack PDU power distribution cabinet temperature detection such as appropriate professional testing tools, including battery tester, infrared temperature tester, resistance tester, such as professional computer tester can be used to provide professional reference data, so as to timely update the UPS battery power distribution cabinet and switch, etc. , can effectively reduce the incidence of accidents. The importance of UPS battery UPS power is the power of many rooms that ensures the continuity of power supply, make sure the safety of power supply system, UPS power supply time play an important role in security, are an important part of the UPS battery, battery as power to provide the guarantee, is undoubtedly the last line of insurance UPS power supply, its quality is directly related to UPS is working correctly. According to investigation statistics, UPS power supply to power substation of accident analysis, found that there are more than 50% of the accident was due to battery failure cause, battery is a link in UPS power supply high accident rate, this shows the necessity and urgency to improve safety and reliability of the operation of the storage battery. UPS battery 1 of potential safety concerns. Battery life can't meet the design requirements, in practical applications, the batteries are often used in the degradation began to appear a year later and use more than 3 years of battery degradation is very serious, very few can reach the nominal capacity. There exist two problems, first of all, the battery manufacturer for the service life of the battery life is in the ideal condition prediction; Second, in use for the management and maintenance of battery, no effective, early result in deterioration in battery, not found in time, causing degradation accumulation, and capacity of cumulative losses lead to premature battery scrap. 2. For battery charge and discharge the lack of record and monitoring, storage battery operation is unknown. 3. Since there is no good means and management, users of battery for battery operation lack enough understanding, especially for battery historical data collection and analysis. And the data collection and analysis of need strong professional knowledge. 4. Whether for battery performance status is unclear, especially the UPS battery instantaneous large current supply ability don't understand. 5. For battery performance status, such as battery voltage balance, current capacity, can't clear understanding in real time. 6. The lack of temperature compensation and environmental temperature monitoring. 7. UPS battery lack of detection means and instrument maintenance, lack of emphasis.
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