The importance of the wiring of computer room construction technology -

by:KEBO      2020-04-17
Wiring the importance of construction technology for computer room room wiring shall not be arbitrarily, the cable should be in the field actual wiring, new or rectification equipment room, cable line is not allowed to use the same way or cabinet trough, respectively in their respective special line or cabinet principle to carry on the wiring slot, and the equipment should be tied with cable, fiber optic patch cords separately. Line with high voltage lines parallel to the line with high voltage line should keep a proper distance, when sorting, binding cables, fiber optic patch cord, fixed tie do not tie too tight. One, the equipment wiring specification 1, UPS power supply output socket as a connection only other special socket outlet, may not connect any network equipment power supply cord. 2, when the room there are many sets of equipment cabinets, equipment power supply cord shall not cross connection cabinet and wiring. 3, equipment power wiring in the device should be installed position on the back of the cabinet, according to the actual order equipment, according to the actual situation and orderly strapping on both sides at the back of rack, the equipment such as cabinets have cut slot on the back, should be ordered the equipment according to actual condition wiring side cut slot at the back of rack, and accordingly the banding. Second, cable wiring specification 1, within a single cabinet wiring, cabling should specification, specific situation according to the wiring equipment distribution inside the cabinet. 2, cross cabinet wiring, cabling should specification. When making cross cabinet laying cables, cable should be inside the cabinet side extended upward through the rack at the top of the same side of the wiring holes, by the top cabinet wiring hole, if the room have bridge, cable from the top rack through the upper bridge, and the bridge rack wiring to corresponding to the left or right at the top of the cabinet top, extending down from the bridge through the wear again into the corresponding wiring holes into the corresponding machine cabinets, cabinet top side if the room does not have bridge, cable should be along the top cabinet top wiring to corresponding to the left or right at the top of the cabinet top, again from the corresponding rack hole in the top the top side of the wiring into the corresponding machine cabinets. 3, each cable wiring length between cabinets cabinets cable wiring shall be carried out in accordance with the cable wiring rules between the actual wiring, cable length can not estimate, its length should be greater than the actual wiring 10 - length 20 cm length for the best, and the length of the cable wiring shall not be greater than the best length.
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