- the importance of rack mount UPS for computer room

by:KEBO      2020-05-09
Due to the development of information technology, network has become people to live and work in impossible or missing parts, constitute a network power supply reliability of the digital computer room has become the key, and the reliable power supply of computer room is a top priority, rack mount UPS power supply is in order to solve the uninterrupted power supply. In the extensive use of computer, the internal power supply system are equipped with high-speed under-voltage protection circuit. When grid voltage, computer depend on the energy to maintain work filter capacitor. General can maintain l0ms left and right sides, in order to avoid the loss of data in memory, there must be a power supply to within less than l0ms sending again, to ensure the normal operation of the computer system, timely deal with the information in the computer, the power supply is the so-called racks of UPS power supply. In addition, part of the UPS power supply frequency stability can be solved when the normal power supply, mains power grid voltage and frequency fluctuations too big problem. Can save electricity and down posture UPS with lithium battery as energy storage and backup data center for a new generation of intelligent design of product. Racks of installation, widely used in distributed computer room, bearing limited room, phased deployment equipment room, power supply applications such as rapid deployment room cabinet and integration scenarios.
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