The highlight of the importance of modular UPS power supply, modular UPS -

by:KEBO      2020-05-07
Nowadays modular UPS power supply system into many companies to be bestowed favor on newly, the market share launches, modular UPS relative to traditional UPS is very different in the structure of the outside world, it can install all control modules in the standard rack, covers an area of conservation and interior space, to install the application and maintenance. The importance of modular UPS power now, the industry brought by the shift in the direction of modular UPS power supply system is not only help to improve the efficiency of data center operations, but also provides a simple, extensibility, and & other; Intelligent & throughout; System of a higher level of connectivity. In the past ten years or so the installed many UPS system has now been mature, now is the perfect time for data center using the technology progress. Modular UPS installation consisting of several smaller rack mounted units. In fact their UPS connected in parallel, in order to provide the necessary power and redundancy. This modular approach means that the specific workload capacity and data center requires more closely match, thereby reducing the installation or unnecessary capacity of large size space & ndash; — Reduced the waste, and improve the efficiency and reduce the power consumption. Modular UPS power supply for the data center infrastructure management researchers offer flexibility. Because they can add additional modules when required, or by additional modules mounted vertically on the arm, or by installing additional racks to add horizontally. Or, in a nutshell, have built-in extensibility, is the need to extend choice & other; As the growth of the business requirements and pay & throughout; 。 These modern modular UPS“ A smaller, lighter weight, and produce less heat, no longer need to equipped with air conditioning unit cost a lot of energy. These devices are also without transformer, its own separate can achieve efficiency by 5%; And can run across a variety of workload, the realization of the efficiency of about 96%, even as low as 25%, which is more than they are replacing the larger version, static, based on the transformer. Modular UPS equipment has & other; Hot plug & throughout; The additional advantage of & ndash; — If any of the modules of the risk of failure or malfunction, can replace the fault module alone, without having to make valuable power protection system offline data center. Modular UPS highlights of high efficiency and energy saving, high efficiency of green environmental protection, the main mode of up to 96% efficiency. High reliability, low module redundant power module, monitoring module, the bypass module, control module are modular design, and support hot plug, module replacement time few, installation, expansion and maintenance is very simple. Control module redundancy design, the system is highly reliable. Low/high power density can be up to 25 kva 2 u. Single tank capacity can be placed 6 power module, covers an area of only 0. 5 m2, reduce the investment. Low load capacity output PF = 1, suitable for PF > 0. Five linear load a nonlinear load, the output end can take more load, save the user's system. Built-in SNMP card is easy to monitor management, save investment management, flexible configuration is simple. Series low redundancy, smooth operation, high credibility in modular UPS system software, the customer must only relative to the output of the power control module, the choose and buy can only establish & other; N+X” The common faults of sink, and relativity in the traditional UPS & other; N+1” Way and improve the fault tolerance. Overall: modular UPS power modular structure, can be within the scope of the 20 kva, 480 kva, with 20 kva for the unit, can do at any time on-demand online expansion, cost savings for the user. N + X modular array machine's ease of use than stand-alone version 1 + 1 weaver's ease of use is high, the abnormal fast after repair.
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