The harm of lightning for UPS power -

by:KEBO      2020-04-22
Now the UPS can be divided into two main categories: available in the market not installed lightning protection device of UPS UPS and internal equipped with lightning protection device. Not installed lightning protection device of UPS, the UPS including early production and is part of the small power UPS, the lightning protection function can say & quot; No & quot; , only to the city power grid overvoltage or small role to play in the protection of the power to purify stray current. When lightning strikes, it itself was hit on the first place. Internal installation have a lightning protection device of UPS, here in two types: UPS with substandard lightning protection devices, such as UPS manufacturers in order to save costs, symbolic of a group of small power metal zinc oxide varistor MOV, only for a small induction lightning has certain protective effect. Parts imported famous brand UPS and several domestic famous manufacturers in its UPS UPS internal installation standards of lightning protection devices, this kind of UPS can fully protect themselves, UPS and protect their own power and to protect the rest of the equipment from lightning enroach on purpose? The answer is no. About the dangers of lightning for microelectronic devices for engineering and technical personnel are familiar with already. For microelectronics equipment, endanger the biggest is lightning electromagnetic pulse, it is pervasive, hidden dangers. According to us about the accident statistics show that more than 70% of the lightning accident from the power cord invasion, and UPS power supply can not block the invasion of the lightning current. ( 1) From ( 2) In the discussion, the UPS power supply mains input port is filtering unit, generally including MEI filter and RFI filter, and according to the spectrum characteristics of lightning current, its more than 90% of the energy to focus on below 1 MHZ, dc components accounted for more than 60%. When lightning, UPS is located in the forefront of power circuit, first when attacked. ( 2) Now a lot of UPS to increase the function of lightning protection, the principle of which is the UPS input increase a MOV lightning protection module, some imported famous brand UPS and several domestic famous manufacturers within the UPS, UPS international IEC801 - according to 5 standard equipped with lightning protection module, inhibit absorption power line lightning at the input voltage and current of strong surge, the surge current of 20 ka, 6 kv impulse voltage, waveform for the 8/20 no shielding underground cable can be up to 10 kv, if not in accordance with the standard design of integrated lightning protection system, UPS is also unable to protect electrical equipment from lightning. ( 3) UPS power supply, especially the intelligent UPS power supply, itself contains a large number of integrated circuits. And more and more UPS with intelligent management system, signal lines also become channels of lightning electromagnetic pulse intrusion. Because of this, about UPS power suffer lightning infringement cases, especially in the thunderstorm more lightning strike zone. Machines installed in hainan some unit of UPS power supply, since the annual running half after installation is normal, but in case of a lightning strike, UPS is frequently appear in the boot operation after a period of time, somehow magically appear from the inverter power supply automatic conversion to the bypass ac power supply power supply failure. From the point of lightning disaster loss case type, and basically has UPS power supply. So be sure to in UPS power supply and its monitoring and control system for lightning protection cause enough attention.
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