The future UPS power supply and distribution system will take on the big four - technology trends

by:KEBO      2020-05-15
Along with the advent of the era of cloud computing, big data, nearly two years for the subject of UPS power supply system is increasingly close attention degree. As the power supply system and power load alternating current (ac) in so far from the power grid, then alternating current (ac) after processing can be used in our daily work and life. UPS power supply and distribution system is the lifeline of the data center, to build a good data center machine room, first of all must have a high quality of power supply and distribution system, the UPS power supply and distribution system will be four major technology trends. UPS power supply and distribution system requirement analysis with the requirement of data center has constantly improve, information equipment function is more and more strong, the power density is higher and higher. Data center equipment cabinets by previous 2 kva/electric power load, increased to 3 kva/set, 4 kva/set, even higher. Room for the average load of unit area is from 1 kva per square, up to 1. 5 kva 2 kva per square, square, or even higher, data center power load statistics should be divided into two levels, namely: UPS power supply system load ( Output) And the mains power supply system load. Mains power system load ( Output) Statistics include: UPS power supply system ( Input) , room lighting, computer room precision air conditioning system and the building electrical equipment and so on. UPS power supply system load ( Input) = + charging power supply load load. Computer room precision air conditioning system load = N with air conditioning unit for the rated load capacity & times; Load rate. UPS power supply system load ( Output) Statistics include: computers, servers, storage equipment, network equipment, minicomputers, etc. , when the load equipment clear, according to the equipment data statistics, the specific load equipment is not clear, according to the equipment rack average load statistics. When equipment rack number is not clear, can press room area of average load estimation. UPS power supply and distribution system of layout data center computer room power supply and distribution system is the main equipment are: UPS, batteries, power distribution ark and diesel generators, etc. These devices unit area, weight big, for the placement of the equipment should not only consider the function of demand, and to consider the space and the need of bearing, also consider the harm to the outside world. Data center computer room power supply system should be independent of the distribution room, power distribution, UPS power supply should be close to the equipment room ( Load center) From UPS output to decorate, such can guarantee electric equipment between pressure drop and loss as small as possible. UPS power source host, power distribution ark and whether you need battery separated, in accordance with the requirements of the data center level decision, you also need to consider the UPS belongs to large equipment, weight is larger, the noise is big, need to put in a bearing is better, and does not affect work and rest environment. Distribution location choice, mainly considering the function demand, power distribution ark should be meet, on the basis of functional partition, as close to the power supply load. The development trend of UPS power supply and distribution system on the premise of guarantee the reliable power supply, the future of the data center UPS power supply system at least have the following several aspects of the characteristics. 1. “ Fast & throughout; : rapid deployment, rapid expansion in the mode of data center construction, the modular concept has been gradually accepted by people. Both in modular data center and container data center, is the concrete implementation of this concept, modular UPS also comply with the idea. If only from the perspective of the overall deployment speed modular UPS and tower UPS difference is not big, but if from late to see modular expansion advantage is very obvious. On-demand expansion of power module, online hot plug expansion, more meet the needs of the development of business quickly. Especially for the average life expectancy is only 3 to 5 years of Internet companies, who can complete the deployment of a day earlier, a day before implementation capacity, we can step back to win customers, early step in the market. Compared with the traditional tower UPS installation of one to two weeks time, modular UPS expansion and just ten minutes to complete. 2. “ Easy & throughout; : ease of use, high availability, compared with the traditional data centers in order to ensure the reliability and design of complex Tier4 architecture, 2 n system, ECO mode, straight for mains + UPS backup etc & other; Incredible & throughout; Solutions are adopted by the Internet giants. Virtualization technology, is what makes Internet companies from pursuing a simple power supply reliability becomes more important in a quick maintenance on behalf of availability. So the UPS is as easy to IT equipment maintenance. 3. “ Province & throughout; : save space and the operation cost save space: currently, most of the small and medium-sized data center construction between before building, high density has been the general pursuit of IT equipment, such as the blade server. Higher power density, the volume is more small UPS can save more space for the user, to provide rental services for enterprises, means can deploy more of rack for leasing; Infrastructure architecture, integration, on the other hand, has become one of the developing trend of the data center, and higher power density of UPS will more easily and to realize the integrated deployment services, storage and other IT equipment at present the mainstream manufacturers have introduced this integration products. Data center is a key infrastructure of information society, is the core carrier of ICT technology. ICT technology development bring personal information consumption increase and enterprises and institutions of information construction and retrofit has given rise to a huge amount of data center construction requirements. Data center industry on the one hand constantly experiencing the impact of the rapid development of new technology, on the other hand, changing all aspects need to always meet user needs.
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