The functions and features of modular UPS -

by:KEBO      2020-05-06
Modular UPS power supply can be used in a variety of scenarios, office buildings, production workshop or hospital can use this kind of special power supply, through continuous stable power supply to ensure the normal production and health care, to protect people's life property safety and security. It has the versatility, almost all need to standby power can refer to this technology. 1, high efficiency double transformation technology online using the online double transformation technology, 50% load when using efficiency is as high as 96%, 25% light load efficiency reached 95%, energy-saving effect is remarkable, reduce total use cost ( TCO) 。 2, high scalability, DSP control provides an advanced high-performance solutions, combined with modeling design and parallel technology, can be simple extension power supply power in the future. 3, the complete output power factor provides 100% of the output power ( KVA = kw) The key to provide maximum power load capacity. It meet the requirements of the latest server and every penny of it investment optimization. 4, modular design to reduce mean time to repair the STS module and power module of modular design, the battery module. It will simplify maintenance and replacement, reduce the mean time to repair. 5, easy to install and maintain the built-in bypass guarantee UPS maintenance during maintenance to provide continuous power supply for critical loads, for the convenience of installation and maintenance, all of the control panel and connectors are positive actions. 6, the number of flexible battery configuration is suitable for different applications can be adjusted. It can adapt to different power demand and shorten the system downtime. The battery voltage can be set from 32 to 40 in each group. 7, the charging current can be adjusted by UPS delivers maximum 8 a charging current of each power module, according to the different requirements can be adjusted. 8 UPS, high overload capacity overload 110% support for 60 minutes, 10 minutes and 120% overload 150% support for 1 minute. 9, 10 inch LCD liquid crystal display is easy to manage design for easy to govern, UPS is equipped with 10 inch LCD screen LCD graphics. Intuitive design to improve the recognition of the display information and advanced configuration. 10, the N + 1 or N + X parallel redundant power supplies to ensure scalable architecture allows you to optimize cost, within a frame can be realized from 20 kva to the 210 kva N + 1 or N + X redundancy to meet the growing demand for electricity.
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