The functions and characteristics of the rack type air conditioning -

by:KEBO      2020-04-17
KEBO relies on the abundant technical strength and continuous innovation ability, in the collection and integration after the diversified needs of many customers, launched specifically for micro module room racks, born of the equipment room dedicated air conditioning. It small and simple, easy to install, supporting the combination, performance is more superior than ordinary computer room air conditioning, is an excellent assistant module intelligent computer room. In recent years, with cloud computing has deep into all walks of life, many enterprises in order to support Internet access and IT applications, will build a nearby small room information node, this greatly promote the development of micro module intelligent room products. Therefore provides a flexible and efficient for the inside of a data center cooling solution, frame type air conditioning rack type design concept, flexible, exquisite, suitable for internal circulation cooling rack, a separate cabinet NaZhu devices and integration of the micro data centers. Indoor parts installation within the cabinet bottom, adaptive machine cabinets can load changes. Unit adopts water cooling, environmental protection refrigerants, within three gears adjustable speed dc frequency conversion compressor, blower, realize the whole machine, high energy efficiency ratio high sensible heat than running. 5 u space frame type flexible configuration framework, perfect match with the server rack, a variety of optional way back to the wind, to meet the needs of a variety of installation, configuration of shake handshandle, can easily carry out the installation and maintenance; Embedded machine cabinet design, small footprint, significantly save room area for the customer, reduce the cost of space. Simple intelligent comprehensive monitoring, alarm, communication, constant temperature and humidity environment; Multiple sensors to monitor, the advanced PID control technology; Complete protection and alarm functions, master diagnosis function; Intelligent RS485 communication interface, easy to realize remote monitoring, online group control. Reliable, environmental protection and energy saving economic 6000 hours trouble-free operation, all parts are through the strict inspection, testing, stable performance; Multiple protection function, to ensure the unit operation and reliable; Through the redundancy design can greatly promote the availability of the product; Using environmental protection refrigerants, green environmental protection, higher energy efficiency ratio to reduce carbon emissions. Scope of communication base station room, small and medium-sized enterprises, bank branch rooms, modular data center and the government, Banks, enterprises and other units of equipment room cabinet.
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