The function of the machine room monitoring and function -

by:KEBO      2020-05-15
1, USES the IP data network, such as enterprise internal private network transmission carrier needle various sites of the regional dynamic environment monitoring host running status data acquisition and processing, realize the network monitoring, achieve the goal of centralized management. 2, integrates the backstage management, environmental monitoring, power monitoring, intelligent alarm, security monitoring, network monitoring system as a whole. 3, through the acquisition of real-time monitoring data, the distribution outlets is designed for multiple branches of modern computer, network communication and unattended house designed multi-function remote centralized monitoring system. 2, 1, the function of the machine room monitoring power equipment monitoring: monitoring all power distribution network equipment, avoid equipment stoppage caused by power system fault. 2, environmental monitoring equipment, monitoring real-time control and distribution outlets all environmental equipment, ensure the equipment can normal operation in the stable and suitable for environment. 3 alarm, event analysis: a complete coverage of monitoring equipment, timely detection system of emergencies, fault intelligent analysis system, help the operators to prevent quickly processing. 4, mobile terminal remote operations: developing mobile terminal APP, on a mobile device for remote monitoring operation, timely understanding of distribution network running status, ensure high security equipment. 5, the network Settings: configure the wireless GPRS/CDMA and cable TCP/IP transport channel, the defects of network transmission part room. More than three, machine room monitoring network machine room monitoring scheme, monitoring information collected through the network to the control center and unified monitoring processing, realizes the all-round monitoring of distributed network computer room, break through the geographical position limit the function of remote control, realized the computer unattended, greatly reduce the pressure on the staff, to realize the intelligent, digital communication machine room.
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