The four advantages of UPS power frequency -

by:KEBO      2020-04-16
UPS power supply power frequency is long-standing, a power supply in the UPS industry, widely used in communication industry billing center, bank outlets, ATM ATM communication base station, and securities, such as the traffic, electric power, industrial industry network office environment. Compared to other types of UPS power supply, UPS power frequency power supply has many advantages. The superiority of one, the working principle of the UPS power frequency is 1. UPS power frequency data are measured by using digital signal processing technology to ensure fast, flexible, resulting in a rapid control variables, to ensure the real-time control of the charger and inverter. 2. UPS power frequency than high frequency UPS has the stronger ability of short circuit protection and stronger overload capacity. 3. Because of unstable China grid environment and interference by some external conditions, so the requirement of short circuit and overload ability is also higher. USES the power frequency UPS, will greatly improve the security and stability load equipment. Technically, UPS than high frequency UPS power frequency increases the input and output transformer ( 1) 。 Unique standard input/output UPS power frequency transformer, current isolation from input disturbance. In the industrial environment, some external devices are large disturbance input, such as pump, engine, etc. The interference current fluctuation, easy to affect the safety of the load, therefore, the current isolation is especially important for the field. ( 2) 。 High frequency UPS in order to reduce the product cost, do not contain these components, the corresponding stability as UPS power frequency current. The superiority of power frequency UPS equipment parts design ( 1) 。 UPS power frequency components can be designed according to customers' specifications and, every component can withstand higher rated power and has long service life, designed to ensure the safety of the user equipment operation and durable. ( 2) 。 Designed to reduce the cost on the high frequency UPS in the design, so the parts only conform to the requirements of the lowest rated power. Harsh environment of industrial strong adaptability UPS power frequency main design used in harsh industrial environments, achieved IP54 protection grade, and high frequency UPS does not have the ability to adapt. ( 1) 。 UPS power frequency design positioning is working in industrial environment, such as petrochemical, electric power, transportation, etc. Applied to a variety of harsh industrial environments, outdoor prevent interference of external input, such as high temperature, high humidity, dust, vibration, corrosion and explosion danger type gas and some unpredictable environment. ( 2) 。 UPS power frequency can adapt to the environment of high temperature 0 ~ 55 ℃, relative humidity 0% ~ 95%, dustproof, prevent the rain. Such as China national offshore oil company, China petrochemical company of this size big companies choose to use the power frequency UPS products, because it has high reliability of demanding industrial outdoor environment adaptability. ( 3) 。 High frequency UPS is not designed for industrial environment, so can only be installed in a clean, safe and predictable environment. If installed in air conditioning room, such as low temperature, dust-free environment. The superiority of UPS equipment life power frequency UPS power frequency design life for more than 20 years, the high frequency UPS design life is 3 ~ 5 years. ( 1) 。 According to the power frequency UPS sales experience, many devices can work normally 15 to 30 years ( 2) 。 The design direction of UPS power frequency is prolonging the life of the system continues to work, to meet need long life security of some application field, such as petrochemical plant or plant. So, even if is a high frequency UPS UPS early investment in power frequency, but its products in more than 20 years of time is no need to replace equipment, and the backup storage life of spare parts after the production is relatively a lot longer than high frequency UPS. ( 3) 。 High frequency UPS design life for only 3 ~ 5 years, 5 years equipment will need replacing. And spare parts reserve is extremely limited. So it is convenient to maintain the front-end power frequency UPS system to maintain a long time, and the high frequency UPS system maintenance time is shorter. ( 1) 。 The front end of the power frequency UPS design with convenient maintenance, and can shut down the system after a long period of time to provide spare parts, convenient maintenance. And UPS power frequency operation and maintenance service period is more than 20 years. ( 2) 。 High frequency UPS of the purchase, use and change of a relatively short time. Unique to UPS power frequency input and output transformer. Made the current isolation from input interference at the same time, will also improve the quality of the final output power. Kind of harsh industrial environments, like petrochemicals, output power supply quality, will directly affect the safety of the whole plant equipment, personnel and production capacity. Business type UPS does not have the above components, so also does not have the function that is so strong. Four, UPS power frequency overload switch is the superiority of strong overload capacity UPS power frequency design has a strong overload capacity. When the equipment overload, since it has the overload capacity is strong, so there is little possibility of UPS switch to bypass operation. This will greatly increases the security of the system. Because when switch to bypass operation, with no longer means that the load by the inverter or battery power supply. High frequency UPS overload capacity is relatively UPS power frequency is low, when an unexpected overload, easily by UPS switch to bypass mode, it will put the system into a highly stable state, increase the possibility of a bypass switch tripping due to instantaneous overload, affect the security of the system.
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