The environmental parameters - precision air conditioning

by:KEBO      2020-04-30
1, the stability of the continuous running IT non-stop running, such equipment also requires continuous stable operation precision air conditioning function throughout the year. Even in winter also demand supply corresponding cooling ability, and can secure satisfactory condensing pressure and the north cold temperature operation environment. Requirement is high, small machine room of air conditioner is necessary in a good job, General requirements for 8 years) Reliable operation in peace, to supply room with constant temperature, and humidity environment. 2, can monitor, can deal with the requirements of the small room of air conditioning unit quantity is little, but there is a need for scientific and professional protection and dealt with, the required precision of the remote monitoring of air conditioning units and conduction function. Small machine room air conditioners are one of the major energy-consuming equipment, require the energy-saving operation of air conditioning unit, also can monitor, can deal with demand for air conditioning. 3, relative humidity control although small machine room of IT equipment don't attack the humidity change, but the room humidity, IT is necessary to ensure that within a scale, general is 40% ~ 60%. Humidity is too low, easy cause electronic components of the electrostatic, forming electrostatic discharge breakdown even; Humidity is too high, and simple equipment and components as appearance dew condensation water, the onset of leakage or short circuit phenomenon to normal operation. Therefore, request small machine room computer room air conditioner has humidification and dehumidification function, and relative humidity control in the promise of 40% 60% scale. 4, dust removal and air purification requirements in addition to the requirements of temperature and relative humidity, small machine room air conditioners and necessary to the function of the dust and air purification. Dust because the telecom room will affect the normal operation of such equipment IT, dust piled up on the electronic components easily lead to circuit boards, insulation, corrosion function decline, many problems such as poor heat dissipation, require small computer room air conditioning air filter with good dedusting with air purification function.
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