The effect of modular UPS power supply power module -

by:KEBO      2020-05-07
Modular switch power supply consists of sound card rack, UPS UPS output module, static data power switch module, display of information communication module and its lithium-ion battery pack. Of UPS power output module contains traditional UPS, batteries, inverter and the rectifier part constitute control circuit, etc. The inverter efficiency of 97% or more, then increase the bare machine work efficiency, reduce the loss and the electromagnetic energy saving. Discussion about the following: 1, the modular UPS power supply to use in various scenes, office buildings, the assembly shop or at the hospital outpatient service is using this kind of special switching power supply, according to the constantly stable power supply system to ensure normal production, and diagnosis and treatment is used to maintain security and life safety. It has ecological, basically all must can cite the technology back-up power. 2, volume is relatively small, power consumption, its output power in KW and the magnitude of tile, can show a smooth switch power supply on the basis of household appliances. 3, machinery and equipment features is unitary, free maintenance, all servers in the enclosed case, namely can anti-fouling has to prevent accidental damage. There must be to carry out the machine equipment upgrades or maintenance of that time, the free online solve the convenient and quick, could be upgraded without speaking machines remove out. 4, modular UPS power supply system structure is malleable, output power module in the system software design concept works can casually when removal and installation that does not harm the system software operation and output, keep the project investment overall planning & other On-demand expansion & throughout; To keep the customer along with the market development & other; Dynamic success & throughout; , considering both the middle and later on demand expansion of machinery and equipment, and to reduce the up-front cost. 5, but two or more machine series. Has the battery test maintenance, micro computer monitor on duty they judged the yuan, can remote control communication etc; On the equipment, electronics standardization and modularization, good tolerance to cooperate; Wide working voltage output type, high efficiency, high-quality features such as the ability to work load. 6, when the voltage, the ( Security forced outage) The fuselage rechargeable batteries, modular UPS power immediately of electromagnetic energy, according to the inverter transformation way again 230 v alternating current supply to the load, the load keep and maintain normal work load of software and hardware configuration without being damaged.
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