The distribution of modular UPS power have? - - - - - -

by:KEBO      2020-05-07
1, distributed architecture distributed early modular UPS often use a kind of architecture. Such modular UPS system level equivalent to the number of independent UPS directly in parallel, the power module using small UPS and become, can work independence, its features are: (1) in addition to the rectifier and inverter control, and logic flow switch is controlled by the internal control unit; (2) built-in capacity and power module capacity consistent static bypass, in bypass mode, the static bypass Shared by each module load. 2 + centralized, distributed and centralized architecture + distribution structure of modular UPS power equipment all power module built-in control unit for this module of rectifier and inverter control, and the flow of the whole system and logic switching function from a module are extracted from the internal control unit, is controlled by a centralized control module. In order to eliminate the possible introduction of a single point of failure, the control module and the corresponding communication bus for 1 + 1 redundancy. When a control unit fails, the UPS power module in the system can be controlled by another in a hot standby state seamless control of system control unit security system uninterrupted operation. At the same time, the power module is no longer the built-in static bypass, a static bypass system configuration module, its capacity is the system capacity.
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