The distinction between an off-line and on-line UPS UPS -

by:KEBO      2020-05-01
1, direct access to the ac power input differences, and communication & ndash; — Dc inverter power supply used in electronic equipment. The ac power and obtained an off-line UPS it is charging, but the charging of communication & ndash; — Dc inverter power supply is only used in the event of power failure. 2, whenever you open the equipment working temperature differences, it will power for electronic devices. It is charging, then provide power supply for the device. This means that it must work more time, working temperature. Off-line UPS it only into the frame during power failure. So, the operation temperature is not always higher, only after use more time can be heated. 3, the use of parts differences in order to maintain its operating frequency and the continuous power supply of electronic equipment, need a lot of parts. These parts should also be careful to choose, because it had to endure higher working temperature. An off-line UPS operation time is less, so also can choose parts. These components are often not to heat up, so this part will be enough. Only in extreme conditions, such as long time power outages, only need a longer running time. Therefore, these components don't need to be very careful, because they are hard to use for a long time. 4, the cost difference between the cost of using the number of parts need more. An off-line UPS it only need less cost, because it involves only a small number of parts. 5, battery usage difference during the period of electronic equipment used, it always use a battery. So the battery is in use. Before an off-line UPS in the event of a power failure, do not use batteries. So rarely used batteries. 6, extreme distortion of voltage difference designed to deal with the extreme voltage fluctuation, this kind of situation can be expected here. Because of the online UPS is always in the running state, regardless of the main power supply voltage fluctuation, all without having to worry about. Voltage fluctuation is larger, the more the use of an off-line UPS. Frequent switch may result in delay, or may reduce its performance finally. 7, the difference of production on-line UPS is stable, almost fixed at a particular frequency. An off-line UPS within the scope of a significant change. 8, the difference of reliability when you use for a long time, can lead to unreliable service. An off-line UPS due to the use of less parts working temperature is lower and therefore can provide reliable services. 9, the power supply provides 10 - time difference 30 minutes of power supply, need more batteries and maintenance work. An off-line UPS system to provide 60 seconds at full power, smooth enough to support the load switch to the backup engine starting. 10, the difference of installation need precious indoor space or private room. An off-line UPS system is suitable for indoor or outdoor installation, outdoor installation can obviously reduce the cost. 11, the difference of efficiency of using on-line rectifier and inverter, energy efficiency is typically 90% to 92%, including air conditioning parts. An off-line UPS system energy efficiency is 98% to 99%, 6% to 9% higher than traditional UPS system, reduce the operation cost.
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