The difference between the UPS and battery + inverter is analysed

by:KEBO      2020-05-04
In the early days of the telecom room, usually use 220 v ac power after rectifying, for 48 v battery charging, directly by the battery to power a PBX. Along with the computer network and communication network in the application of telecommunication room, need to provide the high quality of 220 v ac power. Because of the existing 48 v battery pack, so usually adopt the method of battery pack + inverter, 48 v dc transform into 220 v ac power for power supply network. This method has many shortcomings. 1. UPS ( Uninterruptible power system) Is the most important feature of the uninterrupted power supply, when the city power grid in line with the input range, through the AC/DC, DC/AC double transformation, supply power to the load when the city power grid overrun by the battery supply power to the load when UPS fault or overload by bypass the power supply power to the load. Maintenance can be controlled by manual maintenance bypass switch to online UPS maintenance. And battery pack + inverter power supply mode, when need to replace the battery pack is in failure, must make the system, it can cause a huge loss of system. Continuous function of UPS is the battery pack + inverter can't replace. 2. The role of UPS is the realization of dual power supply uninterrupted switch each other, to provide a certain time of backup time, voltage, frequency stabilization, isolation interference, etc. It can be instantaneous, harmonic interference and voltage fluctuations, frequency fluctuation, power grid disturbance such as surge block before load. Because the UPS inverter itself the input to the dc bus and the batteries are communicate with the user of the original 48 v power supply without any direct electrical connection, so will not have any conduction disturbance on program control unit. In addition, in order to prevent external radiation interference, UPS usually adopt steel frame structure, while keep the beautiful shape, eliminated the radiated interference of other devices. RFI filter is adopted in its input and output end, makes the offered load is purified ac power source. For 48 v battery pack + inverter, the inverter power supply with dc power supply is used in the program machine the same set of battery pack, which USES a high frequency PWM inverter, its counter filling and noise interference is bound to be the input string into the program-controlled telephone, will greatly affect their quality. 3. 48 v power supply for inverter is fixed, the battery voltage is low, when the output power demand is bigger, the more demanding the production process of power module, so the high-power inverter is difficult to achieve. At present, the biggest inverter is about 15 kva. And UPS itself with battery dc voltage can be up to several hundred volts, so the single power can be very big. 4. Due to the small dosage of 48 v inverter power supply, production factory is small, its strength is difficult to parallel UPS manufacturers. UPS as a complete independent power supply system, the production in the world has been for decades, large scale of production, mature technology, high reliability, the reliability theory can reach hundreds of thousands of hours. 48 v inverter power supply and technically difficult to match. Progress of battery 5. In order to adapt to the demand of modern communication network rapid development, requirements or UPS inverter must have a strong network management function. LEUMS UPS to provide customers with the 2 RS232 interface, a computer dry contact interface and a set of remote alarm relay contacts. Its perfect network management software can adapt to different operating systems, can be to monitor 16 sets UPS at the same time, with as many as 170 monitoring parameters. Its unique Life 2000 remote monitoring software can make your UPS in professional engineers to monitor everyday, to make sure that you rest easy. For 48 v inverter, as a result of the limitation of its production scale and scope, there are few manufacturer can offer so strong function of the software. 6. Someone once put forward the shortcomings of UPS is when the input voltage is high or low, namely into the battery discharge, the power grid in China usually is bad, will cause the battery to discharge frequently shorten battery life. Using 48 v inverter don't consider this problem. In fact, with the strength of UPS production companies in the world today, such as LEUMS are fully considered in the design to the problem. LEUMS UPS, adopts advanced DSP control technology, has the ultra wide input voltage range, in the range of + 25% can still be loaded with output, greatly reduce the number of battery discharge. Its advanced intelligent battery management function, make its have the tiny ac ripple charger, charging voltage automatic temperature compensation, automatic discharging termination voltage with discharge time compensation, automatic battery test, the function such as battery life calculation, greatly to protect the battery, can make the battery life to lengthen 30%. From what has been discussed above, we think, 48 v inverter control technology, anti-interference, network management, power level, reliability and so on are unable to reach the level of the on-line UPS, so choose in the telecom room should with on-line UPS is the best.
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