The difference between computer room precision air conditioner freon refrigeration and ammonia refrigeration -

by:KEBO      2020-05-11
1, energy-saving contrast: ammonia system USES a single head of compressor, part of the load is lower than what capacity can effect comparing, especially when load decreased to 70%, can effect comparing decline is more serious, because the ammonia of insoluble in lubricating oil, leads to the formation of a pipe and the surface of the evaporator reservoir, so the heat exchange efficiency of the system; Freon system using PLC control, high precision, efficiency significantly. In addition, freon soluble in oil, so the image of the heat transfer effect is lesser, than ammonia system can save half of the electricity, energy saving effect is remarkable. 2, both run contrast: as the ammonia system is relatively backward, its refrigeration power consumption is larger, the using time is shorter, prone to failure, and auxiliary equipment more complex, if a system failure will affect the unit running effect, reduce the refrigeration efficiency; And fluorine machine system is relatively strict, high efficiency, fundamentally reduces the power consumption, not easy to malfunction, guarantee the stability of the operation. 3, safety contrast: belongs to toxic liquid ammonia, produce intense stimulation to the body, when the ammonia in the air reaches 0. 6% poisoning can lead to the human body, when the concentration of 14% can cause burning, when 25% will explode, a threat to people's life and property safety; And freon system USES environmentally friendly refrigerant R22 with R404A, colorless, tasteless, not burning, not the explosion of the chemical properties, can be used in various places, security and stability, and put an end to the occurrence of the accident, effectively guarantee the staff and the surrounding people's life. 4, control contrast: ammonia system needs, set up special guard operation, automatic operation cannot be achieved, and fluoride system can realize remote automatic control, makes the unit more safety and reliable operation, not only that fluorine system can save nearly half of electricity, more accurate, thereby improve the quality of the products, reduce the use cost, ensure the safety. 5, comparison of the investment: ammonia system for stand-alone operation, in order to avoid failure influence use so need auxiliary equipment, and the unit power consumption is bigger, so the use cost is relatively high, freon can realize automatic control, although the early investment is opposite bigger, but without equipment crowded, low power consumption, long service life and overall economy is obvious. 6, civil investment contrast: ammonia unit structure is larger, covers an area of big, in addition to the unit, also need to install the high pressure storage tank and recycling barrels and other auxiliaries, five times the total area of fluorine system, and freon unit structure is compact, cover an area of an area small, so the requirement to the installation environment is relatively low, the applicable scope is more wide.
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