The development trend of UPS uninterruptible power supply - in the future

by:KEBO      2020-05-15
First of all, UPS need to be more intelligent, in the event of a power failure, the network administrator may be too late before the UPS battery die shut down the computer and UPS uninterruptible power supply, which can lead to system data loss, serious still can damage the hardware. This would require the computers and peripherals can & other; Independent & throughout; Can deal with some issues which may be foreseen, automatic control and adjustment, such as automatic shut down a host computer operating system and close the power supply, the time switch UPS itself, etc. , and can pass relevant information through the network to the operating system or network administrator, to facilitate remote management. With the development of computer, network communication technology, intelligent UPS system is the important embodiment of abundant software and hardware of the monitoring function. UPS management software system's main function is to protect the data, in a specific event occurs notify users and administrators and automatically take emergency protective measures. Customize time switch according to user needs a protected computer systems, UPS uninterruptible power supply must have self-checking function, on a regular basis for main components such as batteries, inverter, the status of the bypass switch and control circuit for self-checking, if there are any anomalies are informed by paging system administrator, to nip in the bud. UPS intelligent accessories can provide specific environment monitoring ability of the UPS. Second, the UPS need more network. In the network era, also need & other; Network UPS” , it has greater storage capacity, can at the same time for multiple computers or other peripheral services, and can be a mechanism to achieve the dynamic configuration between the load.
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