The development trend of UPS power supply - in the future

by:KEBO      2020-05-15
The future development trend of the UPS power supply since a UPS, has from the beginning of the dynamic power type, after using SCR static type UPS, development till now all control model of intelligent UPS power device. Small UPS product development in the future is expected to mainly around the high frequency, greening, intelligent, etc. The high frequency of UPS on the one hand, refers to improve the inverter switching frequency, the volume and weight of the device can reduce and eliminate the inductance of the transformer and audio noise, can also improve the dynamic response of the output voltage. The improvement of frequency conversion circuit, that is used to filter inductance and capacitance and greatly reduced noise, such as volume, make UPS efficiency, dynamic response and control precision is greatly improved. With the development of power electronic technology, a lot of high performance low pollution and high efficient use of electricity power electronic device constantly emerge. In order to realize the greening of UPS, main is to improve the network side power factor and reduce the pollution of power, and use the advanced transformation technology to improve the power switching devices, reduce the wastage of the power switch device and the switch in the process of the device on and off. Intelligent comprehensive intelligent system based on the analysis of all kinds of information, in addition to complete the corresponding part of the normal operation of UPS control function, of the real-time monitoring of the UPS should also be done, to analyze the important data information in the circuit processing, draw the part of the circuit work is normal, and other functions. UPS intelligent management software system's main function is to protect the data, in a specific event occurs notify users and administrators and automatically taking emergency measures, prevent expanding influence failure. In addition, the control rectifier part, according to the different requirements of storage battery, automatic completion of piecewise constant current charging of battery. UPS uninterruptible power supply will need to complete the necessary maintenance itself.
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