The development trend of modern computer room -

by:KEBO      2020-05-03
( A) The introduction of the concept of intelligent computer room to room on the construction of a new stage with the large-scale application of network, communication and computer systems and the development, as the core of the importance of all kinds of computer room is more and more prominent. Computer room power, environmental equipment, such as distribution, uninterruptible power supply, air conditioning, fire protection, monitoring, anti-theft alarm subsystem, such as must always ensure to provide required for normal operation of the system and the environment. Once the power failure, environmental equipment, or malfunction cannot be handled in a timely manner, will affect the running of the whole system, even damage the hardware equipment in engine room, cause serious consequence. If financial, electric power, communication and other important sectors of machine fault, will cause incalculable economic losses and social influence, so many rooms to take on duty 24 h, regularly inspect measures of environmental equipment. But it still cost of human resources, one repeated labor easy fatigue and neglect for a long time, professional skill level is insufficient to troubleshoot inspectors and the whole computer room power, environment monitoring of equipment management problems such as unscientific and nonstandard. Are introduced to solve these problems, in the construction of computer room intelligent computer integrated management system, using advanced computer technology, control technology and communication technology, the whole room all kinds of power, environment subsystem of equipment integrated into a unified monitoring and management platform, through a unified easy-to-use graphical user interface, maintenance personnel can monitor room anywhere, anytime and any equipment, for the real-time and historical information, and efficient global event management. The system for maintenance personnel provides the advanced computer management, real-time management information and rich historical records, which can improve the system of computer room equipment management level, realize the scientific management, but also saves the manpower, reduces the labor intensity of maintenance personnel, improve the ability of rapid response to emergencies, reduce the damage and loss of the accident, so that the computer room management step a new realm, and create conditions for unmanned management computer. ( 2) Change room structure arrangement, separate the operator and the computer equipment in KVM system before, on the part of the computer equipment must be in the telecom room for maintenance. The need of the equipment operation, because the telecom room generally adopt underfloor air supply, and indoor temperature is low, long-term working in this kind of environment caused a lot of threats to the health of the operators. In addition, because the computer room Canon often frequent personnel activities and room outside door open, the room environment is not certain. In KVM system, operator in the cab to maintenance of computer equipment to conduct a comprehensive, no longer have to blend the man-machine inside the room. So in the room can adopt equipment room dedicated air supply under the air conditioning system, the operating indoor using suitable for someone environment comfort air conditioning system, not only ensure the need of the equipment operation, also to ensure the health of operators and also ensure the environment within the room. As the KVM system and the use of computer room intelligent computer integrated management system, now someone is divided into many large room area and the no man's land. ( 3) Step by step with the needs of the development of times, there are many computers in the construction of green environmental protection energy-saving machine room computer room of equipment and environmental protection equipment, Such as equipment room dedicated UPS power supply, air conditioning, etc. ) , these devices make room large energy consumption. With the continuous development of the system and technology, more and more computer room construction using the equipment and new technology of energy conservation, such as the use of energy-efficient equipment room dedicated UPS power supply system, low energy consumption of air conditioning system and computer room intelligent lighting system, reduces the energy consumption of the room. In addition, clean fire extinguishing system also makes room in use to reduce the harm to the environment. ( 4) To adapt to the continuous development of computer equipment, increase the flexibility of the room for the convenience of computing equipment update, extension and upgrade, in the computer room construction needs to consider appropriate for each system device development have certain redundancy and reserved, reduce system downtime due to engine room renovation.
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