The development of the computer room precision air conditioning refrigerating system -

by:KEBO      2020-05-12
1, energy conservation, energy conservation and computer equipment will be popular with the concept of green data center, refrigeration system of energy saving by the unprecedented attention. Refrigeration system in the data center is a major drain, which accounts for about 30 - the entire energy consumption 45%. In terms of energy saving plan, also present the phenomenon of flowers, such as optimizing air distribution mode, using cold and heat channel layout, cold heat isolation, intelligent group control, using natural cold source, and other outdoor plan. In terms of energy saving room air conditioning equipment, variable volume compressor, EC fan with high efficiency, energy-saving intelligent control, the application of the technology such as using natural cold source make the efficiency of computer room air conditioning unit and more flexible. In terms of temperature and humidity setting, ASHRAE in the 2011 version of the recommended temperature range for 18 ℃ - 27 ℃, humidity range recommended for larger than ℃ relative humidity, dew point temperature is less than 60% relative humidity and dew point temperature of 15 ℃. Relax requirements at the time of ensure the normal operation of computer room equipment, can reduce the room refrigeration, heating, humidifying, dehumidifying energy, reduce the room air conditioning system energy consumption, improve the PUE. 2, dynamic cooling can meet the requirement of virtualization devices such as the development of data center virtualization makes server calorific value will have greater volatility, including the change of different time and space. The corresponding requirement of refrigeration system to adapt to this trend, to provide dynamic cooling scheme, meet the needs of different time and space. At present the main application of the technology change capacity of the compressor, air volume intelligent adjusting technology ( The temperature control or air pressure control) Between, columns, refrigeration, etc. 3, high density cooling will become the inevitable road data center development with the development of data centers and servers, high density cooling demand has been more and more intense, and will in the next few years gradually penetrated into all kinds of data centres. High density cooling on scheme and equipment and traditional solutions have bigger difference, the cooling end more and more close to the heat source, in order to provide greater heat dissipation capacity and reduce the operation cost. 4, the flexibility to adapt to the modular data center cooling system modular data center need cooling system can exactly match the demand, this will make it hard for existing products to meet the requirements, on the existing products upgrading or customized product is its development direction.
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