The development of high and low voltage electric closet space and trends

by:KEBO      2020-04-24
Sometimes referred to as distribution box, power distribution ark is used in electric power distribution is an integrated electrical components: air switch, circuit breaker, various types of knife switches, terminal blocks, protection equipment ( Thermal relay, time relay, such as fuse, senior and protection devices, etc. ) And measuring equipment ( Voltmeter, ammeter, frequency tables, power meter, etc. , as well as transformer and various sensors) The cabinet put oneself in another's position. Power distribution cabinet because of its good feature is widely used in residential buildings, such as schools and hospitals life electricity distribution control. One might ask, why are we usually can't see the power distribution cabinet? Because of some power distribution ark volume is small, most of them are dark in the wall, bulky are concentrated in the distribution of indoor installation, so rarely see in daily life distribution cabinets. Often see in enterprise workshop and workshop power distribution cabinets, or distribution box, such as lighting power distribution cabinets, power distribution cabinets, etc. In general, power distribution cabinet level 1, level 2, and lower level 3 main points distribution equipment. Distribution mainly has two aspects: one is for electric equipment for power distribution and control, 2 it is to appear in the circuit when overload, short circuit and leakage, provide power-off protection, when circuit malfunction, is helpful to control fault range is also convenient and quick to find fault point it out in time, without blackouts. In addition, power distribution ark easily placed all kinds of protection devices, such as to prevent short circuit fuse ( The fuse) To prevent overload of air switch, etc. , can protect circuits and electrical equipment. That is to say the things together, convenient maintenance and inspection. Especially under the condition of today's power consumption is very big, no power distribution cabinet is not feasible, great help to us improve the convenience of electricity. Power distribution cabinet structure is complex, the output circuit capacity is big, it is the power supply system power distribution center, will be installed inside a substation, responsible to distribute electricity to secondary distribution cabinet. Power distribution cabinet is divided into the power distribution and motor control center, the application of both parts, on the other hand, if power distribution GuiZhu less in the loop, the distributed load, and the motor control center is applied to the circuit, load concentrated area. It is mainly to undertake primary power distribution cabinets distribution,, and assign it to the nearest load. Distribution GuiZhu if lighting distribution cabinet and power distribution cabinet, their capacity is small, the layout is relatively fragmented, is mainly responsible for controlling the lowest load distribution. The safe use of high and low voltage power distribution ark problem has always been the focus of attention, the following considerations need to know. In the work of all and part of the charged plate, maintenance equipment and operation should be separated with clear sign. Working in the operation of current transformer secondary circuit, it is strictly prohibited to current loop disconnect. In order to reliably will current transformer secondary coil short circuit, short circuit must be used and short route, banning the use of wire coil. Banned in current transformer with short circuit terminal wire loop and on any job. Secondary loop pressure test before electricity or should inform the attendant and related personnel, and sent to guard the scene, check circuit, confirmation of no work can be pressurized. Check box to protect power secondary loop work personnel, without the permission of the personnel on duty are not allowed to make any brake operation. However, high and low voltage power distribution ark in the installation and acceptance, transfer test commissioning, operation and maintenance should abide by all provisions of power sector are calling for the outside. Should also pay attention to the following: the user when the goods should be in accordance with the relevant regulations, carefully check, for installation of the product immediately, should according to the provisions of the conditions of normal use of stored in the appropriate place. At the bottom of the product should be the special sling lifting. Product level is placed to make, on the basis of packed four anchor bolt ( Secondary water method) can be used And then the gaps between the products base and foundation with cement mortar wipe seal, in order to avoid the rain into the cable chamber. Through the high and low pressure chamber bottom plate connected to the high and low voltage cable. The gaps between the cable and wear tube sealing waterproofing. High and low voltage power distribution ark high side whether the overhead into line or cable into the line, shall be set near the substation high-voltage side in line visible fracture ( Such as falling type fuse, etc. ) 。 Maintenance personnel to clearly show whether charged within substation. To ensure the safety of the maintenance operators. Product installation in place should be reliable grounding, power station two main earthing terminal on the channel of the base plate, transformer neutral point and the shell, lightning arrester of pile head shall be respectively by direct grounding installation department. Where the grounding device should be sharing a set, the grounding resistance should be less than 4 ohm, lead to the product from the ground net. through earthing wire should be not less than two. Voltage transformer secondary circuit in operation work, strictly prevent short circuit or ground should use insulated tools, wear insulating gloves, if necessary, stop using the relay protection device before work. After the temporary load, must be equipped with a dedicated switch and fuse.
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