The design principle of computer room air conditioning refrigerating capacity -

by:KEBO      2020-05-13
1, standardization. Electronic information system room planning and design, based on international standards and the relevant domestic standards, including all kinds of computer room design standards, computer room air conditioning related specification and the standard of computer LAN, wan, so as to lay a foundation for the construction of high standard, high performance computer room. 2, and the combination of advanced and practical. Computer room air conditioning system design based on a high starting point, the reference international advanced computer room air conditioning construction experience and industry similar room construction experience, to adapt to the actual situation of the current electronic information system room, build a reasonable and appropriate advanced technology system architecture. 3, reliability. Electronic information system room air conditioning system should have high reliability, to ensure the stable operation of the electronic information system room main equipment; Equipment room dedicated air conditioning refrigerating capacity according to the engine room equipment in power consumption quantity and layout design, and to consider appropriate redundancy, guarantee to provide users with continuous uninterrupted & 365 times; Air conditioning running service 24 hours a day. 4, scalability and engineering can be phased implementation. Give full consideration to the user in room air conditioning system design of the late expansion, and the division of different function range, reasonable redundancy design, reserved the right installation location; Implemented according to the regional expansion situation gradually increase the room air conditioning, improve the utilization rate of the initial investment. 5, intelligence and group control management. Intelligent design on computer system, which can realize to cluster control of multiple units within the room, according to engine load change, control the operation of computer room air conditioning, air-conditioning energy efficiency management. Provides remote monitoring communication interface, remote monitoring, remote monitoring and local control are the same. 6, green environmental protection, energy saving and emission reduction. Electronic information system room dedicated give full consideration to the current computer room air conditioning design and energy saving technology and energy saving scheme, meet all kinds of electronic equipment and personnel for temperature, humidity, cleanliness, electromagnetic field intensity, the noise interference, security guards, leakproof, power quality, such as vibration, lightning protection and grounding requirements, considering the requirements of environmental protection, emission reduction, the construction of safe, reliable, comfortable and practical, green energy saving and efficient electronic information system room. 7, maintainability. Room air conditioning system, 100% positive maintenance, all parts are standard series parts, and to ensure that sufficient spare parts, reduce maintenance time and effort.
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