The concept of modular data center -

by:KEBO      2020-05-06
1, can be more modification, changing IT requirements, but by a new configuration module, to improve flexibility. 2, replaceability, if fails, the module can easily be replaced, to upgrade or repair, but does not affect the normal operation of system. 3, scalability, modularity can be deployed according to the requirements of the IT infrastructure, but also in the later according to the need to add more components. 4, portability, the upgrade, installation and reconfiguration or mobile modular, standard interface, independent components, and easy to understand structure provides a great convenience, save time, save money. 5, modular can improve the quality of fault repair, modules of the portable and pluggable characteristics makes a lot of work can be done in the factory, both prior to delivery, Such as distribution equipment wiring in advance) And after the delivery of the goods ( If the repair of the power module) 。 6, control energy consumption, modular data center to optimize the power and data cable within cold and hot channel closed frame path, the deployment server installation, module airflow organization institution, modular data center PUE is worth to greatly reduce, control energy consumption in centralized management, improve equipment utilization. The biggest charm is modular data center & other; Random strain & throughout; , no matter what kind of size or belongs to which user is currently in the field of industry, can according to your requirements custom modular data center, and can according to the business development needs, gradually expanding scale of data center to deal with IT more.
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