The composition of modular UPS power and role -

by:KEBO      2020-05-07
Modular structure of UPS power supply, power module 1: including traditional UPS rectifier, charging and inverter circuit and related control parts. 2, static switch module: UPS in overload of Shared power supply channels, is composed of the bidirectional thyristor and control circuit. Communication module: 3, display as the man-machine dialogue and network monitoring platform. The role of the modularized UPS power supply 1, can be used in a variety of scenarios, office buildings, production workshop or hospital can use this kind of special power supply, through continuous stable power supply to ensure the normal production and health care, to protect people's life property safety and security. It has the versatility, almost all need to standby power can refer to this technology. 2, volume is small, power is considerable, its power in kw even million watts of orders of magnitude, able to provide stable power supply for basic appliances. 3, the equipment is characterized by integration, maintenance free, the host is in closed state, to avoid accidental injury can be dustproof. Necessary for equipment update or maintenance, online processing more convenient, need not speak equipment dismantling down upgrade will be finished. 4 highly elastic, system structure, the design of the power module concept is in the runtime system can remove and install without affecting the system's operation and output, make investment planning & other Throughout the on-demand extension &; , let users with business development & other; The dynamic growth & throughout; Late, satisfy the equipment of the on-demand extensions, and reduces the initial cost. 5, can be double or more machine in parallel. Have the battery test need maintenance, the microcomputer monitoring and they judged the yuan, remote communication, etc; On the machine structure, standardized, modular components, good compatibility; Have a wide voltage input, output overload ability, high efficiency. 6, when the mains interruption ( Forced outage) , immediately to battery power, machine to load by the method of inverter transformation to continue supply of 220 v alternating current (ac), make the load to maintain normal work and protect the software and hardware load from being damaged. Areas of application: in recent years, the N + X redundant module type development soon, many manufacturers are on the way of structure and when the information technology has deep into People's Daily life, the power application field is very wide, in the center of the data processing, IT equipment room, telecommunications, finance, securities, transportation, taxation, health care system and so on all can see.
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