The composition of computer room precision air conditioning -

by:KEBO      2020-05-10
1, big air volume, small enthalpy difference, sensible heat ratio appropriate high of 95% in U. S. valley wheel for turbine compressor, the compressor maintenance and crankcase heater in overheating. In accordance with the planning requirements of precision air conditioning, equipped with large wind area of evaporator, big air volume, small enthalpy difference, need a large amount of cold. 2, the rotating rotating backup according to the moment. For hours, days running moment rotation switch, extension units become old, yea, isochronous operation. According to the amount of cold rotation. When a unit volume of cold quantity cannot reach cold, the second units immediately; The cold when the system demand will drop, the standby unit active switch to the standby state again. According to the fault rotation condition. When there was something wrong with the units, the spare units promptly, appropriate temperature limit maintenance requirements. 3, modular programming device easy to handle all types of unit height and thickness are the same, only different width; Can share out bonus multiple modules in the process of transport, installation, can be convenient to enter the elevator, can through the narrow passage. 4, 24-hour uninterrupted motion planning optional tributary fan, special condenser, humidification assembly, G3 / G4 filter, specifically for + 45 ℃ ~ - 15℃( Optional modules can be reached - at low temperature 30℃) The external environment condition of all-weather continuous operation planning. 5, remote network monitoring function users can real-time monitoring of temperature and humidity parameters of the unit and fault operation condition information, etc. , and can regulate various parameters after input combination. Able to accurately control temperature ( ± 1℃) And humidity ( ± 5%) , all-weather suitable for homework. Strong networking functions and remote monitoring functions. RS485 and RS232 and RS422, ModBUS, LonWORKS& BacNET, supporting GSM mobile SMS form and IP protocol SNMP, can control up to 16 sets of air conditioning unit. Computer room precision air conditioning unit of air conditioner by the refrigeration cycle system, air circulation system and electric control system composition. Refrigeration cycle system: including compressor, condenser, saves the capillary, evaporator, and filter the four-way reversing valve and heating. Air circulation system: include blower, dust filter and tuyere shutter, etc. Electrical control system: including selection switch, temperature control device, control relay and maintenance of the relay, etc.
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