The combination effect of storage battery and battery maintenance technology

by:KEBO      2020-04-28
Batteries are combined to use, the basic way of combination with parallel and series two kinds of structure. Battery life of laboratory, is the data provided by the inspection department, the quantity value and the actual use of numerical often far. Although the cause of this situation is various, but the basic factors are common, this article is to analyze these factors do. Give full play to the battery use value measures are put forward. Battery storage battery factory factory, are single cells or batteries only. Monomer battery refers to the smallest unit of independent electrochemical voltage battery. Alkaline nickel cadmium battery is each monomer to 1 v, a monomer, lead-acid battery is 2 v battery is 3 v lithium iron phosphate, manganese acid lithium battery is 3. 6V。 When the power is in the small power, often using a battery, such as mobile phones and family use flashlights, is done with a single lithium batteries. In many cases, the battery must be combined into the large capacity and high voltage battery, to meet the needs of the equipment. Start with 12 v battery, such as gasoline vehicles communication base station using 48 v battery, railway locomotive used 96 v battery, electric cars use of 144 ~ 288 v battery, is a combination of single battery in series. In the interior of the larger single battery capacity, is the way with parallel monomer batteries have great capacity. Automobile lead-acid battery plate, each piece of 15 ah, parallel composition for 15 ah series battery steps. Lithium battery of soft package similar lead-acid battery plate, each pack 20 ah, can form in 20 ah batteries into a series of steps. Using 18650 type 2 ah cylindrical battery combination, theoretically in parallel can be arbitrarily large capacity of single battery only. In actual use, there are two problems are often misunderstood by user, one is the battery and released by the national standard of the life of the battery, is refers to the monomer battery life, is not the life of the battery. The second stage is the lower limit capacity, battery scrap battery industry practices is cycling test to structural capacity decreased to 80% and nominal capacity test is annulled. Battery industry used the data provided to users, many users for this value is to use the scrap standard, in many industries, continue to use this data. Actually the user according to different conditions of use, the reasonable rejection standard can make a big difference. In the mechanical mechanism, parallel can increase the reliability. In the battery, so it is a lot of people think, actually is the opposite. Both series and parallel way of battery, reliability is lower than that of single cells, this is the battery & other Group effect & throughout; 。
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