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by:KEBO      2020-04-19
( 1) At ordinary times the energy stored in one form or another, then into a power supply load when using, typical equipment is common people all kinds of storage battery. ( 2) The other energy into electricity, such as water, fire, wind and nuclear power etc. , generally called the game, as a power supply ( Commonly known as the grid or mains) 。 ( 3) In the process of power transmission, between a source and load of electric energy conversion or stable process, general said this kind of power supply for the secondary power supply ( For the existing power control) 。 With the development of science and technology, more and more high to the requirement of UPS power supply technology, more and more specifications varieties, technical difficulty is more and more big, the academic fields, is becoming more and more widely. In terms of the technology itself, can be divided into three categories: ( 1) Input dc power supply: the power can be ac or dc, can be a single-phase ac or three-phase ac, the output is a direct current ( Including the voltage regulator or steady flow) , including linear control and switch control two kinds. ( 2) Ac power: input power is single phase or three phase alternating current (ac) more, the output is still the alternating current (ac) ( Single phase or three phase, when the input amount is dc called inverter) , including voltage stability, stability, current, frequency stabilization, uninterrupted power supply type, etc. ( 3) Special power supply ( Or industrial power supply) : such as electroplating, electrolysis, electric welding, laser, such as high pressure type power supply, input more for ac mains, output dc, ac and pulse form. The basic content of UPS power supply technology: in general, power supply technology mainly includes the following several parts: power electronic devices, power conversion circuit, power supply equipment and systems, etc. UPS uninterruptible power supply according to the way of working can be divided into an off-line and on-line and on-line interactive UPS power of three. 1, an off-line UPS an off-line UPS uninterruptible power supply in normal power grid, the grid through the bypass to the load power supply directly. When the utility power, UPS uninterruptible power supply to the battery through the inverter dc power into alternating current supply power to the load. An off-line UPS uninterruptible power supply has the following characteristics: when the mains is normal, an off-line UPS uninterruptible power supply not do anything with grid and direct output to the load power supply, so the mains noise control and the ability to surge is poorer, protection performance is low, there is conversion time, this approach has the advantage of simple structure, small volume, light weight, low cost. 2, online online UPS uninterruptible power supply is different from an off-line and on-line UPS everyday from the inverter output to the load power supply, inverter priority, only when the UPS fails, overload or overheating will to bypass the output to the load. On-line UPS power off characteristics are very obvious: UPS power supply to output to the load of power after processing, the highest output power quality, and no conversion time, to protect the best performance, the strongest mains noise control and the ability to surge, its disadvantage is that the structure is complex, high cost, therefore in the UPS uninterruptible power supply when the choice, can choose according to use environment more suitable for the sort of. 3, on-line interactive on-line interactive UPS uninterruptible power supply by bypass usual after transformer transformer output to the load power supply, inverter as the charger for battery charging, at this time when mains power inverter converts battery dc to ac output to power a load. The characteristics of the on-line interactive UPS: bi-directional converter design, UPS battery recharge time is shorter; Conversion time; Control structure is complex, high cost; Protection performance between on-line and off-line UPS, mains noise and surge control capability is poor.
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