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by:KEBO      2020-03-30
< p> power supply is a chemical power supply of ups power supply, ups uninterruptible power supply depends mainly on the quality of the performance of the chemical power supply, the correct use and careful maintenance. Ups uninterruptible power supply in power supply when the choice should have proper rest power, power factor should be considered. All the comprehensive power of the electrical equipment shall not exceed 80% of the ups power. If the UPS power supply as the load power of 800 w, should choose to greater than 1000 w. < / p> < p> ups uninterruptible power supply should avoid frequent startup and shutdown, had better be on for a long time. When the load is opened, you should try to do one by one. You'd better not switched on at the same time. < / p> < p> new UPS uninterruptible power supply to the battery before use to supplement, because UPS battery sales in constant self discharge process, a large part of its capacity be burned off, if not timely supplement energy, will not only affect the normal use, will shorten the service life of batteries. Battery charging method is: to connect battery, according to the instructions provided by the battery and specific methods for charging. < / p> < p> usually adopt constant voltage charging, control voltage for each cell 2. 30 ~ 2. 35 V, initial current shall not exceed 0. The limitation of 25, you can use the C5a) the number of battery capacity calculation of concrete , so as not to burn out the battery, the charging current for three hours, can be put into use, charging time should be in 12 to 24 hours. < / p> < p> if the grid has the normal power supply, UPS uninterruptible power supply, battery can float for a long time did not have a chance to work and damage, some & quot; Discovery & quot; One thousand, once & quot; Fighting & quot; , cannot be used, and even cause damage or very bad effect, so for a long time without UPS uninterruptible power supply is forced to work time, not only can activate cells, can also detect UPS uninterruptible power supply is in normal state, and can make the operation personnel familiar with the use of UPS power supply system. < / p> < p> UPS charging immediately after use, even if the battery has already returned to normal. Two charging ways: constant voltage. 40 V 2。 35 ~, the initial current in 25 ℃ environment should not be more than 0. 25 C5a restrictions, the total capacity of the battery is enough to 18 ~ 24 hours a day. If the power supply has not been released, can according to the current duration change a stop sign. < / p> < p> if battery is maintenance of UPS power supply, please feel free to check the proportion and amount of electrolyte solution, fill in the electrolyte or distilled water in a timely manner. < / p> < p> < / p>
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