The characteristics of small UPS uninterruptible power supply -

by:KEBO      2020-04-16
Network with IDC room don't have to worry about power, UPS power supply load to provide uninterrupted power supply, especially uninterruptible power supply, on-line as directly connected grid and load, after the mains disconnect, can continuously by the power of the battery to supply power to the load. And optimize the environment of electricity, power rectifier, inverter and so on electrical components inside, can change for high voltage, current, frequency rectifier, voltage stability, frequency stability, especially the on-line UPS power supply, power frequency can be used to power conditions, allow the load to the healthy and stable operation. Why use UPS power supply? 1, surge circuits: the output voltage by more than 110% of the rating, for one or a few cycles. Surge is mainly due to the when connected to the power grid of large electrical equipment shut down suddenly unload generated by high voltage of power grid. 2, high voltage spike: refers to the peak of 6000 v and the duration from one over ten thousand of a second to half cycle ( 10 ms) Voltage. This is mainly due to lightning strike, arc discharge, electrostatic discharge, or large electric equipment switch operation. 3, transient overvoltage: refers to the peak voltage pulse voltage up to 20000 v, but the duration from one over one million to one over ten thousand of a second. Main reasons and possible damage to similar to the high voltage spike, but the solution. 4, voltage sag: low voltage condition, of which the RMS voltage rating of between 80% and 85%, for one to a few cycles. For large equipment, large motor starting or large power transformer access power supply may lead to this problem. 5, line noise refers to radio frequency interference ( RFI) And electromagnetic interference ( EFI) And various other high frequency interference. Motor, relay operation, motor controller operation, radio transmission, microwave radiation, and electrical storm will lead to line noise interference. 6, frequency deviation, said more than 3 hz power frequency change. This mainly by unstable running or emergency generator frequency caused by unstable power supply. 7, continuous low voltage ( Undervoltage) Means that the power supply voltage RMS voltage is lower than the rating and last a long time. Reasons include: large equipment start and application, the main power switch, start motor, circuit overload. 8, the main power supply interruption: refers to the mains interruption, for at least two cycles to a few hours. Reason: the circuit breaker tripping circuit, main power supply, power grid failure.
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