The characteristics of outdoor communications cabinets -

by:KEBO      2020-04-24
Cabinet is one of the outdoor cabinet, outdoor communication refers to the directly under natural climate influence, made of metal or nonmetal material, into the operation of cabinet put oneself in another's position, is not allowed without permission operators to provide wireless communications site or cable network workstation equipment of outdoor physical work environment and safety system. Suitable for outdoor environment, such as road, park, the roof, the mountains, the ground installation cabinet, cabinet can be installed base station equipment, power equipment, storage battery, temperature control equipment, transmission equipment and other auxiliary equipment, or equipment installation space reserved for above and in heat capacity, can provide reliable mechanical and normal operation of the internal device cabinet of environmental protection. Heat exchange model using heat exchanger as a cooling device, temperature control device, using both inside and outside completely isolated air duct, through mutual isolation of transfer heat exchanger core cooling way. The selection of heat exchanger according to the calorific value of outdoor cabinet internal devices communication will choose. Semiconductor using semiconductor equipment on board temperature outdoor cabinet to take the initiative to a way of refrigeration, considering conditions outdoor applications, semiconductor without compressor refrigeration way to provide the reliability of the refrigeration system. This kind of thermostatic outdoor cabinet in China unicom, mobile, telecom operators are widely used in the centralized purchasing. Use material used in the manufacture of cabinet cabinet put oneself in another's position outside of the plate, the thickness is greater than or equal to 1. 5 mm hot dipping zinc plate, hot-dip zinc plate after welding should be spray outdoor powder. Type temperature controller for heat dissipation of cabinet put oneself in another's position with hot dip zinc plate to plate, thermostat for refrigeration type of cabinet put oneself in another's position with greater than or equal to 1. 5 mm hot dipping zinc plate plus 10 mm for plate heat preservation cotton structure. Base cabinet with thickness of not less than 2 mm cold rolled steel sheet, by hot dipping zinc surface treatment after welding. Used for metal materials, cabinet after or without surface treatment, all should have the ability to resistant to corrosion and electrochemical reaction. Nonmetallic material parts ( Including insulation wire, cable and foaming material) Should be flame retardant material, its combustibility should can through the flame retardant test requirements. Manufacturing coating the surface of coating should be continuous, uniform appearance, texture model is consistent with the corresponding standards, and no tumor, shrinkage cavity, bubble, pinhole, crack, peeling, pulverization and particles, sagging, grinning, inclusion defects such as dirt. For cabinet without spraying process, the surface gloss and the texture should be uniform appearance. Coating adhesion coating on the surface of the cabinet after adhesion test, meet the GB/T 9286 - 1998 the requirement of the intermediate 1 in table 1. Impact resistant coating on the surface of the cabinet coating after impact test, the radial crack, gap and other defects. Anti-aging coating on the surface of the cabinet anti-aging coating. Coating solvent resistant coating on the surface of the cabinet after solvent resistance test, there should not be a loss of light visual surface, obvious fading and showed signs of being wiped.
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