The cause of the air conditioning room temperature and solution

by:KEBO      2020-05-02
Due to the rapid development of mobile communication equipment, and computer room of the lack of resources from the Angle of the cost, total hope in limited floor space, as much as possible into equipment operation, with smaller cost, create larger profits space. And within the same room or floor precision air conditioning continuously expanded. Can accommodate air conditioning less space, especially in the current most still use air cooling design cases, the installation of air conditioning outdoor condenser space more show. There are a lot of with computer room precision air conditioning separate-bodied air-conditioners ( Condenser) Do not have enough installation space, or more air conditioner installed in a small space at the same time. There is not enough air supply condenser cooling. In high temperature in summer season frequent high pressure protection, air-conditioning refrigeration. For the operation of the main equipment of safe hidden trouble. Light load machine room, also can maintain lh or so on the basis of experience; Even in winter, within 2 h in room temperature also will be more than 36 c, the current computer basic for enclosed structure, open a window in the extreme case natural ventilation emergency possibility is very small. Most urban communication building air conditioning separate-bodied air-conditioners running environment, there are installed density and heat dissipation severely malnourished. Air conditioning in such an environment operation, when entering the summer period, air conditioning frequent high pressure alarm, compressor shut down doesn't work, room temperature, poses a great threat to the normal operation of the communication equipment. Affected by high temperature accelerated aging frozen oil, lubrication, cooling effect is reduced, shorten the service life of the compressor; After long run easily cause dry filter clogging; Frozen oil after aging oil on the inner wall of the copper pipe, evaporator, condenser, heat conduction. Solution 1, increase air conditioning separate-bodied air-conditioners in air volume, reduce the wind resistance of condenser. 2, water spray. Outdoor parts using atomizing nozzle will mist, spray directly to the admiral of the fin heat away, quickly and efficiently to achieve the purpose of reducing the condenser pressure. After the solution precision air conditioning high pressure alarm failure can reduce about 90% ~ 99%, greatly improve the safety of computer room air conditioning equipment operation performance. Can effectively prolong the service life of the air conditioning, save maintenance time improve labor productivity, ensure the good running of the telecom room environment.
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