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by:KEBO      2020-04-04
< p > < / p > < ! - - - - - - - - - - - - The basic introduction and maintenance of UPS uninterruptible power supply. Text-indent: 2 em '> UPS uninterruptible power supply, is connected to the host, battery through the inverter module circuit converts direct current (dc) into the utility system such as equipment, according to the requirement of the power system, UPS can be divided into the operation modes are Normal operation mode electric power supply principle is when the mains is normal, the machine will convert the mains ac to dc voltage to charge storage battery when the voltage is too low or too high, the instant surge, and even power UPS system by the control unit to start the backup power supply, continue to provide stable and clean electric power equipment. when normal power grid, the grid after filtering circuit is divided into two loop action at the same time, the first is through the charging circuit for charging the battery pack, the other is the rectifier circuit, as input of inverter, repass inverter used to provide power to the load; 'Accordingly, are the on-line ups output by inverter supply completely, so no matter how grid power quality and its output is stable and is not affected by any. The battery works when the voltage is too low or too high, the instant surge, and even power outages, UPS will be stored in the battery dc into ac power, inverter input shifted to battery supply, inverter power continuously, continue to use the supply load, achieve the function of the electric continuously, and the battery capacity is limited, so the continuous electricity system can't unlimited supply, no matter how much capacity of the electric system, in its full load condition, the power supply time must be limited. UPS uninterruptible power supply for use in the process of note: The use of UPS, powerful output current, easy to cause the heat dissipation is not good, should pay attention to ventilation is good, good for heat dissipation, and keep the environment clean. UPS output sockets should be clearly identified, to avoid irrelevant load connected to the UPS system. Do not take the perceptual load, such as fluorescent lamp, air conditioning, so as to avoid damage. If in the process of generator power supply, should guarantee the generator power is more than twice the UPS power rating, and after the start generator stability to access UPS. the classification of UPS uninterruptible power supply form: UPS is divided into two main groups of three forms: one kind is backup type, another kind is on-line, still have a kind of in between online interactive, three forms of ac power source is through the inverter output valued new generation, its voltage, waveform frequency controlled by UPS itself, with a voltage regulator, frequency stabilization, purification and uninterrupted, and other functions. more content: tax free unlimited line cloud of pure electric SUV 1 officially launched sales monitoring instance store instance, uninterruptible power supply do you know what is the UPS uninterruptible power supply? Explore and tianjin before February why broken thousands of new energy vehicle sales knowledge about UPS uninterruptible power supply.
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