The basic function of KEBO UPS power

by:KEBO      2020-04-05
< p > power supply (UPS UninterruptiblePowerSystem) , namely the uninterruptible power supply, is a kind of containing the energy storage device, inverter as the main component of the constant pressure constant frequency of uninterrupted power supply. UPS power to protect your data and equipment from damage has a very important role. In principle, UPS is a collection of digital and analog circuit, automatic control inverter and maintenance-free storage device based on the integration of the power electronic equipment; < / p > < p > KEBOUPS power supply of the basic functions: voltage regulator, filter, completely. The mains supply, it is a function of voltage regulator and filter, to eliminate or weaken the interference of mains, ensure equipment normal work; When the mains interruption, it can be through the dc power supply part ( The battery pack, diesel generators, etc. ) Provide the direct current into alternating current (ac) perfect for the use of the load. < / p > < p > should avoid direct sunlight is put the place of UPS power supply, and adequate ventilation space, at the same time, prohibit with perceptual load in the space of UPS output port. The excessive discharge of storage battery and battery open-circuit sit idle for a long time can make the battery internal resistance increases, can charge and discharge performance deteriorate. To sit idle for a long time of UPS power supply, before using the reboot, having the charging circuit in UPS power supply using the machine again after 12 hours to load, for backup UPS power supply, suggested that every other month make UPS power supply in the inverter state 2 ~ 3 minutes, to activate the battery. In addition, you also need to strictly control the battery charging current shall not exceed the battery to allow large charging current. Because too much shorter charging current will cause the service life of the battery. Regular maintenance of UPS power: to remove the dust inside the machine, measuring the battery voltage, replace the unqualified battery, check the fan operation condition and testing by adjusting the parameters of the UPS system, etc. < / p > < p > < / p >
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